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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Life is much better with cupcakes

I am shamefully addicted to chocolate cupcakes from Starbucks. I feel as if I'm buying crack or something. I go in there, don't make eye contact, hand over my $1.75 and get out as fast as I can.

See, I think Starbucks is one of the Three Great Evils of the world, Microsoft being another, and the third evil so malevolent and insidious that I either haven't identified it yet, or can't remember it anymore. So I hate that I'm addicted to their cupcakes. I'd get them from somewhere else but I can't find any that compare.

I mean, an actual cupcake. Not a muffin. A mini cake. With creamy chocolate frosting covered with little curly chocolate shavings. *weeps*

I'm quite happy with all the match ups for round 2 in terms of producing entertaining games. I would really enjoy the Oilers/Sharks series if I wasn't rooting for either team, hahaha. Since I started watching hockey, Sharks/Oilers games have always been very entertaining and I don't see that changing.

I'm appreciating the break from playoff hockey today to recharge and recover. Ha! As if I've actually been playing the games or whatever.

Oh oh oh!!! There's this Russian tennis player called Dmitry Tursunov who has the most awesome blog ever. Even if you don't follow tennis at all (I barely do) just read it. It's hilarious. And read in order from the earliest entry to the latest. Here's a sample:
I apologized, and then we talked strategy for our next match and it was so great to really have a good heart-to-heart talk without all the girls running over and handing phone numbers to me and asking me to pass it to Marat! Towards the end of the breakfast we really bonded and I felt like we became a REAL doubles team. I braided his hair and he talked about this cute bag he bought at Louis Vuitton store! Unfortunately he had to leave soon for a warm-up so I hugged him goodbye and wished him luck! He is soooo cute when he pouts!!!

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Do your Starbuckses have drive-throughs? You could, like, go through in a cab, get your cupcake, and then run away.

I actually don't think S'bucks is evil, and I could probably expound on why over the course of several pages, but what it comes down to is that they figured out how to do something and do it well and reliably, and that in my experience coffeehouses that are suffering as a result of Starbucks are suffering because they aren't actually delivering what a lot of people want. (i.e. the various places I've been where you can't sit down and have a drink and talk to a friend, because they play music so insanely loudly.)

The ones in the South Bay do, and maybe in the outskirts of the city. I actually had a pretty weird experience today where the cashier grabbed a quarter out of the register and dumped it straight into the tips jar instead of giving it to me. I wonder if it's some weird scam they have going or whether he was just flaky. Anyway, I pointed it out and got my precious quarter.

Well, it's evil in the same way Walmart is evil. Hey, that's the third Great Evil! Starbucks buys competing chains so that they can shut them down. That's pretty evil.

. . . I'm with you, on the Starbucks (and Wal-Mart). -_- If they at least made a decent cup of coffee it wouldn't be quite so bad, but. . . even with as badly as they're exploiting the starving coffee farmers, with as much profit as they're consequently pulling every cup, they can't get something terribly nice out of it (it is only pallatable to me with about a pound of caramel and cream, and then only just--and I was raised on instant folgers, so my standards were *not* high). (And destroying competitors probably makes that easier to get away with, hmm.)

The two surviving Other Coffee Shops in Turlock are nice to sit at, too. And they sell chocolate pie. But I've spoiled myself on making it at home, finally--I can get it Fair Trade and however I want it and still come off cheaper than a chain would give it to me. And shoot, I've learned to steam milk. Whip cream. Etc. (*And* I can even make pearl teas, finally, which is nice, because you just *can't* get that within 70 miles of here, gaaah. I swear, SF is the nearest place. Desperation spawns innovation!) So I don't think there's anything Starbucks could wave over me, but then again, I haven't tried the cupcakes. o.o And I do love cupcakes.

I do wonder about an addictive substance, though; I've heard "crack in the coffee" comments from Starbucks addicts who do genuinely seem to enjoy the coffee, and if you're stuck on the cupcakes, this helps to confirm my theory. :( Once someone has had the coffee 5+ times, it starts to become the Ideal Coffee? (Even if there are much nicer coffees to be had?) That cupcake does sound really good, though.. :(

I loathe coffee. :P But my coffee-drinking friends tell me that Starbucks is overloaded with caffeine, which would explain the addiction factor.

Maybe they put dead babies in the cupcakes. Dead babies seem like the kind of thing that would be addictive.

This guy sounds like a fake!person but omg, he's not kidding...and he's so adorable! It's like he's on crack!

I knooooooow, he totally kills me! Best fake LJ that's not fake. *giggle*

...that's pretty much the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I'm sort of appalled. I wonder if the universe is going to end soon.

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