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Petr can stop hitting crossbars now

This is like... a very strange thing for me to post about, but umm, I'm very pleased with the 49ers pick in the draft. I know, I know, football. *sigh* It's just that he was so happy he was crying (shh, he wasn't sobbing over having to play for the 49ers :P) and it's like, he's this big guy with dreadlocks and he's crying! And all serious and doesn't seem to have a bad attitude at all. Flan, he's from Maryland!

From what I've read and heard, he's a terrific tight end. *gigglesnort*

I am like, overjoyed that Sebastian Spence is on Supernatural. At first I thought he was going to be some schmuck character, but he's like, a demon! Eee!!! I loved him on First Wave and he's probably the only reason I stuck with that show which had awful writing, but some pretty good ideas. It did the whole original Star Trek thing of using sci fi to explore philosophical issues. Anyway, I think he's a great actor. :)

Still sick but not as weak as I've been eating a little. Did you know that you can make your own rehydrating fluid from water, sugar, salt and baking soda? Handy and cheap, although as you can imagine, sweet and salty water doesn't taste good. :P
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