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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Marleau

This and that

So, I ate something disagreeable yesterday and my tummy was in pain and I was sniffly and my muscles/joints were achy and I woke up like every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. Wah.

But! I do have good stuff to share from the OLN broadcast!
Antoine Vermette Interview
Martin Havlat Interview

Sharks ween! Now they need to focus and win the game tomorrow. *gulps* Joe has 1 point so far in the playoffs but I'd say that he's actually played very well. I wasn't expecting him and Cheech to replicate their regular season success, but I was expecting Patty and company (especially Patty) to step up, and they have so far. Thinking about it a little more, if everyone else wasn't stepping up, then fingers would be pointed at Joe and Cheech, eh? Hmm...

Apparently a list of known divers were handed out before the playoffs and 3 Predators were on it. ;)

I was going to say more stuff but can't come up with anything. The sickness, it destroys my brain. Here, Marty screenshots:

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preds never dive!!!!!! ;P ahahahaha

god I hate christine simpson

how come like everyone on oln is canadian and we dont get the games i canada? *Giggles*

also I hope you feel better *smish*

:D The announcers brought it up right after Tootoo looked like he got shot by a sniper, hehe.

OLN is too small of a fish in Canada, I guess. *grin*

Thanks! :)

hahahaa awesome!

heee maybe ;)

I feel the same irrational need to defend Chris Simpson as I do her brother. Interesting.

That's really weird! Her (presumed) interest and like of hockey doesn't come through at all.

I love her brother but she irks me like crazy and for no reason! lol

Being sick sucks. I hope you feel better soon.

AH! INTERVIEWS! They're such dorks. N'aw. Also: MARTY!

P.S. Any time I see ANY hockey player in the NHL grab his crotch, I automatically think of you. I realize how creepy that sounds, but I mean it in the least scary way possible. Really. (:

The sleep really helped. :)

I like how Vermette tried to make a joke in his interview!

I'm proud to be associated with hockey player groin!!!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! *hugs*

Yeah, I uploaded that one too. He does a lot of looking down then up down then up very rapidly. It's dizzying.

Brain destroying leads you to Marty pictures, eh? I see.

YAY Sharkies, but booo to being sick. Not cool, man.

Hahaha, Joolzie was right, Vermette did come off a little bitchy! He hasn't learned not to say everything that comes to mind yet, bless him. Also, that's the same lame joke I would've made -- I don't know if that reflects more poorly on me or him. :P

God, I hate Chris Simpson, but I heart Marty! His awful hair still isn't as scary as it was early on in the year. ::shudders::

I think I've recovered enough from my deathly illness to make it to the game tonight!

French people are just naturally like that.

Hee, I like his hair. It's got just the right amount of curl to it. Whee!

Wait. Why is his facial hair that color?

Reddish? Petr's is like that too, actually.

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