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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day!

It's been a while since I've posted one of these, but it's a good one!

Petr makes a nice pass across the crease to Prucha, who taps it in. He then starts skating over to Prucha, but stops on his way there to adjust his crotch. I guess it was an exciting goal!

Then after bumping fists with the guys on the bench, Prucha skates after Petr and pats his head and back.

Is there anyone on the team Petr isn't sleeping with?

In other news, it seems that Cheech has won the Rocket Richard and Joe has won the Art Ross. Still haven't really absorbed it yet. Probably won't really absorb it even after the NHL awards and stuff. :P

*spazzes* PLAYOFFS!!!

BONUS Petr Sykora crotch shot from the same game! Two crotches for the... umm... *ahem* Here.

Annoyed after a hand pass is called, Petr consoles himself (with a hand pass).

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Petr consoles himself (with a hand pass)


Congrats to Joe and Cheech!!!! That is so very very awesome :D


I'm still stunned. And so proud of Cheech! *cries*

when the Rangers were in town last week, it was AMAZING how often he was "adjusting" himself ... and so obviously ...

kills me

And when he's not adjusting himself, he's fondling the blade of his stick. He's truly wonderful.

Has anyone in the media ever asked him about this?

Maybe if he does one of those online Q&As...

I don't think so! And they shouldn't do it, cos' then he'd be aware of it and stop doing it and that would be sad. :(

Ahahahahahahahahahah. Oh man, that never gets old.

It warms my little heart whenever he grabs himself.

*hearts* You just totally made my day!

You did! I have a stomach flu and am completely miserable (and had to work >.<), but your post made me laugh and feel better!

The healing power of Petr's crotch! *giggles*

Awww!!!!! Bah, being sick is bad enough but having to work too. :(

Laughter is the best medicine?

I'm sure he would be pleased to know about the power of his crotch! Well, probably not...

I suppose technically I could have stayed home, but we're soooo short-staffed right now, and I went home early yesterday, so I felt too guilty to stay home and maybe make everyone have to do overtime.

But I agree! Laughter is definitely the best medicine!

*giggles* If I ever meet him, I'll let him know! ;)

Is there anyone on the team Petr isn't sleeping with?

Not sure why, but that made me think of Petr and Kevin kidnapping Prucha and teaching him how Petr likes his crotch grabbed. *hides*


Does that mean you're going to write it? :P

I will if someone would read it. ;9

Haha, you knoooooow I'll read it!

I heart you, Petr!

I'm SO happy for Cheech and Joe -- I'd like to believe it was my mental barriers stopping Jagr from scoring in that last game against the Sens. :P . . . Plus I didn't want the Sens to lose, but I definitely didn't want points for Jagr!

Yay!!! Awesome mental barrier powers!!!

I'm ridiculously pleased for them. It's even more amazing to think that Cheech had only 7 goals in 24 games to start the season.

*giggle* This is the first time I've seen him delay a goal celebration to do it!!!

*smishes Petr* I do love your posts like this ;)
And oh my god YAY for Jon and Joe. So awesome *GRIN*

*giggle* I'm glad you enjoy!

*cries* So proud, so proud!

Petr consoles himself (with a hand pass).


Oh I love how obvious he is with his grabbing, long may it continue ^_^

I love Petr "Pants Dropper" Sykora.

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