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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2


Just watched Shark Byte and thought of frala. They asked the guys some questions in the locker room and one of them was "Is Adam Graves really that nice?" and Thorty answered, "Better than that." *grin* Yeah, he's nice. *clears throat* *winks* Oh, and Adam himself answered, "No." Totally seriously. So sweet.

So I'm feeling good right now. We're leading the Panthers 4-1, and Thorty scored twice! His second goal was from Sunny. *grin* *wink*

And I'm writing some fic before I head to the gym. Eep so unfit now. *puff* *pant*

Ah damn it, the Panthers just scored. Okay, back to writing.

[ EDIT: Ooh and I forgot to mention, sexy bitch, Smith, Harvey and Lynn Loyns got into fights! *squee* Oh sweet, and Mush just started fighting too! Yeah! Sharks 7-3 *grin* I'm torn between wanting Thorty to fight and wanting him to get a hat trick. *giggle* ]

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ahhhhhhh im soooo all giddy now!!! *giggles* well giddier, see you in a bit here tonight hopefully. Ohh and I see that you made a comminity, *grin* Cool!! and Tammy has an LJ too *gg* finallY!!

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