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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Birthdays everywhere!

Happy birthday to agentirish! *sends Petr (and his chinchilla)*

And happy birthday to the the mama of hockey slash, the mama of Fishy's baby--littlestclouds!!!

So just wondering, but... how often does the Pittsburgh announcer say "you can slap me silly, Sidney"? My follow up question is: does it get any less disturbing each time you hear it?

It was my birthday yesterday! Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! You are all very sweet and make me kind of sniffly. :)

My roommate baked me a cake! *cries* And we made breakfast at night. There are not many better things than eating breakfast after 9 PM!

Icons for Lira:

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(better late than never)

Good god. I'm going to molest Mark Smith.

He's in the middle of his insane laughter there. :)

Mark Smith is imminently molestable. Especially right now. He's sporting magenta hair. :)

Man, you have no idea what that guy does to me. Totally wrong. SO WRONG! I would so rip that Sharks jersey off of him. ;)

Man, you have no idea what that guy does to me. Totally wrong. SO WRONG!


I have an idea at least; I'd do the same thing if I had half a chance at Thorty! :)

I would so rip that Sharks jersey off of him. ;)

...and put him in a Stars jersey? ;)

Hahahaha no.. no Stars jersey. I just have to take off the Sharks jersey so I don't bust into flames when I jump him! ;)


Breakfast late at night, or really at any unbreakfasty hour of the day, truly is one of the best things ever. Yum.

Thank you!!! :D

Mmm, bacon and scrambled eggs with bell peppers and cheese.

Man, I get icons on YOUR birthday? Rockstar.

I don't know why the second icon appears missing the bottom border. *scratches head* It looks fine when I view the image itself.

<-- Lyds with a new name. Add me please? XD

(Saw you linked on 2mins4slashing, thought I'd drop by ;) ) Thanks for suggesting I come over to LJ!

Mike Lange says "You can slap me silly, Sidney!" with increasing frequency, from what I can tell on highlights, but it's a newer one--ca. this season. I enjoy it. ;) But anyway, that's his shtick. "Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, Bring me the brandy!" "And the kitchen is closed." "Elvis has left the building." "Get that dog off my lawn!" "Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too!" "He's grinning like a butcher's dog!" "You ain't nothin' but a hounddog!" (I didn't realize there were so many dog ones 'til I tried to remember them) "He doesn't know whether to cry or wind his watch!" "Carl Earl Slick from Turtle Crick!" And, the first ones I was treated to, thanks to Lover's sound files: "Scratch my back with a hacksaw!", "How much fried chicken can you eat?" and "She wants to sell my monkey!"

Ah, well. He's an institution, what can you do? He claims he hears these things on the streets of Pittsburgh. But people have started sending them in to him, too.

And juuuust in case you hadn't come across this:
This delighted my slashy tendencies and I've never even followed the Sharks. :)

Anyway, thx again!

Nice to see you here, Lu. :)

See, I hear all of that and I think that the guy is just senile. I'm pretty used to strange announcers by this point, though...

*sigh* I love Cheech. I have a couple of articles saved up to spam later today. :)

Oh, shoot, of course you saw that, you copied the text in. Teach me to comment without scrolling down the page first. ;)

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