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Petr's new boyfriend

Petr has a new boyfriend on the Rangers. This, in and of itself, is not a big surprise. The surprise is who this new boyfriend is.

If it was Marty Straka, that would make sense. A couple of homeboys from Plzen, the fact that Straka is Petr's childhood idol--it's perfect!

"I'm going to be telling my kids that Straka got a helper on my first goal," Sykora told reporters.

It's like he was on the verge of slipping and almost said our kids.

Photographic evidence.

Next candidate: Petr Prucha. Just look at the two of them, smiling all the time. Just what exactly are they smiling about? Hmm? Hmm? Plus, there's all the snuggliness that went on at the World Championships in 2005.

Photographic evidence.

There's also Martin Rucinsky, Petr's linemate before Rucinsky broke his finger, the recipient of several enthusiastic goal celebration hugs, who lives in the same building as him, and of course, Jaromir Jagr. But my mental defenses prevent me from even considering those two.

But no, no, Petr's new boyfriend isn't any of those guys. He isn't even Czech. He's Canadian.

Caribbean-Canadian, actually.

You only punch a guy in the face - without trying to hurt him - if you love him.

And then there's this quote from Kevin Weekes after last night's game: "We looked each other eye-to-eye on the ice when we embraced at the end," said Kevin Weekes... "We didn't extend it because we knew the fans were waiting for us to get to center ice for the salute, and we didn't want to keep the people waiting."

He doesn't name names.

But he doesn't have to.
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