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The Invincible M.A.E.

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New video clips!

Yay, new Shark Byte! That means more video clips.

Sharks First Line
Segment on Joe Thornton, Jonathan Cheechoo and Nils Ekman.

Igor Larionov on Shark Byte
biorhythm, dazedpuckbunny and other Larionov fans, you should check this out! There's also Shanny in one of those furry Russian hats, and Stevie wearing a Russian jersey with his name in Cyrillic (Bowman traded him for Larionov, haha!).

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He looked really good when I saw him when I got the DVDs signed!

Eeeef! Socool. That was like the coolest thing anyone could have ever done for Rebecca. *beams*

Hee, pretty soon after I got it I saw her squealing about seeing Igor on TV and I got all excited!

N'awwwww! Her Igor!love is so true.

*happy sigh* Thanks!! I am so amused that Bowman traded Stevie away, bwahaha. He is so awesome. I love how all the Russian players are so petulant about playing for the national team but everyone wanted to come play for Igor. They <3 him!

"You tell that guy it won't work again!" *loves*

I know! That killed me that he'd think of trading him! *giggle* Stevie the Russian.

I had to include that Drew story! It made me giggle to think of Igor saying that.

Eeeee! Cheeeeeeeeeeechooooooo!!!!

He's so cute and shy and stuff. :)

He really is. I SO adore him :)

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