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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I got a couple of packages of goodies yesterday: my new phone (flip phone, color LCD display, camera, i.e. what everyone has) because my old, faithful monochrome screened phone's battery kept dying prematurely, and my Leafs and Canucks T-shirts, and Leafs pajamas bottoms (that I'm too fat for right now, oof!) and Canucks toque!

The Leafs T-shirt has power. I put it on today and the Leafs scored 4 goals in like 7 mins vs the Sabres. :O If only there had been something worth getting of Sharks stuff.

And of course, I had to play with the camera phone...

The picture quality is actually quite good, except for the part where my walls are beige, not blue, and my arm is arm-colored, not blue.

I went to the Oyster and Beer festival today and had lots of raw oysters. Mmm! It's weird that something that looks so disgusting can taste so good. Today's just been an all seafood day. Crab salad sandwich for lunch, Celtic calamari and raw oysters at the festival, and 4 kinds of sashimi for dinner. Yum!

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1. I like how dark and brooding your icon is!

2. That picture is too cute!

3. Can you get some like... FLYERS stuff and wear it please so we win!?!??!?

Hee, thanks! Now my head won't be cold anymore in the wind tunnel I go through on the way home.

*grin* Have you been wearing Flyers-related things on game day?

eeef! That is an awesome hat and you look so cute in it :)

*giggle* Thanks! Then I had to take it off right away because I was afraid of giving the Canucks any luck (stupid playoff race).

Aww I want to squeeze you.

Cuuuuuuuuute! The orca makes it even better. ;)

so cute! *loves* and mmmm food

*loves back* So much raw seafood yesterday! *giggle*

Ooh Scott icon :)

And oh my gosh Eeeeeeeyou in the toque *smishes you*

He's our rock!

Hee! The Canucks will keep my head warm.


Heeeeee yes yes they will. That's awesome :))

Okay, so you're ridiculously cute. I swear I'm not just saying that because I'm coming to take the Leafs tee away from you immediately, either. :P

That picture of you in the toque is too ky00t! :)

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