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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Petr Sykora going after Chris Neil? Hahahahahahahaha!

I found this informal recap of a Devils/Sens game from 12/16/01:
HOLY! We have a HUGE skirmish by the benches... AND THAT'S SYKORA UNDER THE PILE!!!!! Arnott breaking off with Herpes Dude... the ref is cut... Sykora appears to be none the worse for wear after apparently being the cause of this whole pile0up. Oh that is SO wrong. Sykora hits Neal... Neal turns to go after Sykora... Sykora turns, willing to deal with Neal on his own... Arnott LITERALLY pulls Sykora back and goes after Neal... Sykora again goes to fight his own battle, and is again pushed back by Arnott. Let him fight his own battle if he wants, Arnott. He's not going to break!!!

I'm, err, *incoherent* OMG PETR WENT AFTER CHRIS NEIL!!! And Whore protecting him and and and pushing him away when Petr tries to get back into the fray. *cries*

Devils and Sens fans, do you guys remember this game??? @&$#)%&)@

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*giggle* Yes! And the description makes me think of Petr as Scrappy Doo, going "lemme at em! lemme at em!"

Well. I guess we know now if Petr will ever throw down. I can just imagine Whore grabbing him by the back of his jersey and throwing him back.

We also know that Petr will get killed because WTF? Chris Neil???

*cries for the Arkora*

Okay, that's fantastic on so many levels. ::squeaks::

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