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The Invincible M.A.E.

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*bursts with pride*

Thanks for posting about that, jerichoholic419!

Hee, he wasn't even one of the stars of the game. I haven't watched it yet, but apparently he was the first shootout guy for the Rangers? He's moved up in the rotation! And to think, he was used in only 1 out of 5 shootouts in Anaheim. That's why they have 234052072073 shootout losses. ;)

When he scored a goal in Tampa Bay, instead of bumping fists, Kevin Weekes punched him in the face (with love). Why have those two bonded? Have they ever played together? Have they bonded over a love of 2Pac?

And in CS news:
Luleå players were still smarting over a Game 3 cross-check to Luleå captain and longtime NHL right wing, Mikael Renberg, which ultimately forced Renberg to leave the game with a ribcage or hip injury. Playing without Renberg, the Bears came out snarling, finally putting the game away in the final minutes, as left wing Fredrik Hynning put away a one-handed pass from Jaroslav Obsut, formerly of the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche.

I guess some things never change? *cries*

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I love that they Photoshopped a Rangers jersey onto him. :)

I'm pretty sure if somebody shot a puck and it bounced off the glass and hit him in the rib, causing breakage, that would mean things had never changed.

oh CS, must I come all the way to Sweden to make you soup?

You could swing by, you globetrotter, you!


Face punching is SO love. That and...I don't know: why didn't they give him stars earlier? I mean...was all his crotch grabbing in vain?! That's just sad.

Okay, Jagr and Lundqvist? Those guys are always good, so I'll give 'em that. But et tu, Rucchin?

I love Petr's butt wiggle before he shoots.

I love Petr's butt wiggle before he shoots.

He is like a pouncing cat!

Maybe that explains why he gets so much love--he resembles a cute, furry animal.

(Deleted comment)
Tampa feed is where I saw the punch! And then Petr adjusted his helmet and Weekes tried to punch him again as he ran away. It was after his goal (which was really pretty!!! I mean, he shoots, then while the rebound is still in the air, he shoots it top shelf!!! *swoons*).

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