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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Must not get outraged UNTIL I get to work...

I was planning to post about bums and Scientologists, who annoy me daily on my walk to and from work, but then I boiled over with rage while I was thinking about it, and now I'm too tired to get outraged again.

However, my conclusion for the problem is for the Scientologists to give the bums money, the bums to take the fucking personality tests, so the rest of us are left in peace to get to our jobs and earn an honest living. Everyone will be happy!

Thanks to the discount code for Reebok stuff, a Canucks toque, Leafs flannel jammie bottoms, a Canucks T-shirt and a Leafs T-shirt should be on their way to me soon!

Didn't get any Sharks stuff, because they didn't have a very good selection. :( I'm not ready to get another personalized jersey yet (or even a non-personalized one) and I was kind of eyeing the Nabby T-shirt, but I don't know that I want a struggling goalie on my back.

I'll leave that to Vesa, har har!

*ahem* Anyway, for those of you crazies who like Joe Thornton, there are black and white name & number T-shirts.

I dreamed about Matt Carle last night! And his possibly non-existent brother. However, I've never seen a picture of Matt Carle, so he basically looked exactly like Carlo Colaiacovo (Why can I spell that???).

Matt Carle
Carlo Colaiacovo

Actually not too different!

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. . . was Carlo always that square and dumb-looking, or is this a recent development? WTF.

*grin* I think he's gotten a little bigger, but in my mind I always thought of him as kinda' small and mousy. That's probably just Stratagems speaking, though. :P

Hot Carle.


That reebok thing would be great if reebok would actually show me pictures of the hats I want to buy.

Please. When could I ever wear that outside the house? ... I'd probably feel like an idiot wearing it inside my house as well.

I would wear that if I liked him (especially)! I would wear a Marian Hossa T-shirt except that I can't find one. :(

You have a point. I think I'd rather have a Cheese Sandwich shirt.

I wonder if they ever made them, maybe in his Legion of Doom days.

I'm so sad that the Sharks flannel jammie bottoms sold out on...uh, Thursday? before I could buy a pair! I already had the flannel jammie top!

Ahh... they actually had them??? *cries*

They did! The flannel top was the Save of the Game, uh, some Wednesday game, probably in January.

They sold a mismatched but similar style bottoms at last Thursday's game. When I went down to buy a pair in the 1st intermission, they were selling the LAST PAIR as I walked up.

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