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Get back, Satan!

So on the way to work today, I passed this guy who really looked like Miroslav Satan, down to the devilish goatee thing. I was able to stop myself from screaming and running away, though.

After settling down, I got to thinking that I should get him into a room with the guy who looks like Marian Hossa (Swedish waiter at Mangarosa) and the guy who looks like Marty Havlat (man, what a fucking Decepticon--looks like Marty overall, but when you look closely he's fugly) and there could be a lookalike bizarre love triangle!

I had a good weekend! I went to the Stars/Sharks game on Saturday afternoon with tersa, and we both got there early because Larionov was there for an autograph session to promote his DVD. He was very nice and all "Hello, how are you?" and of course I was all nervous and idiotic because I'm just that way around hockey players. Actually, I'm that way around people who are not hockey players too.

Then tersa made him smile cos' she said "spasiba" to him. Awwwwww!

The game itself was really exciting and really good!!! We lost in the shootout, but I wasn't very disappointed. It was shaping up to be a typical Stars game where the Stars play a strong game and all the Sharks fall asleep, but after the goal that put them up 2-0, Goc, McCauley and Parker came out for what I call an "angry shift" and they made everyone else angry too and suddenly 3 goals were scored. :P

And Jokinen didn't score in the SO! tersa and I were shrieking (okay, maybe that was just me shrieking) and stuff and everyone around us was all unimpressed. I guess they didn't know about his 9 for 9 record. Philistines.

I'm really excited by the emergence of players not named Jonathan Cheechoo and Joe Thornton on the team! Marleau + Bernier + Michalek (quiet heavyweight line) are really gelling, and Ehrhoff seems to have shared his Olympics secret with Preissing, Goc + McCauley + Parker/Nieminen (angry/insane line) have had strong games lately too and it all makes me really happy. :)

I missed half of the Avs game (and quite a heart attack, it seems) cos' I went to see Night Watch, this subtitled Russian movie that's sort of like... hmm, I guess Constantine or The Prophecy but only in vague theme/feel. It's much better, and it's got the whole supernatural good vs evil thing going with really excellent, creative special effects. Go see it you sci-fi/fantasy types like kpavuk and sxeraven. :)

[Edit: As Lira puts it, there seems to be a growing legion of Petr crotch watchers! I love you all!]

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