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I watched Cheerleader Nation this morning and really liked it! It's a reality show about the cheerleading squad at the high school that's been the national champion two years in a row. It follows not just the girls, but their moms (it is a Lifetime show).

I found these video diaries on the site, and people can leave comments on the pages. This one girl has a mental block when it comes to tumbling, and someone left what was meant to be an encouraging comment:
that poor girl... she should have confidence in the fact that she can do way more than most people five times her age. What she's accomplished is amazing!

... umm, because comparing herself to geriatrics is going to make her feel so much better.

An icon I made based on something tersa's friend said at a Wings/Sharks game:

Not one of my user icons because I have pretty low standards of officiating, so I'm never going to use it. :P Just thought what he said was funny.

I just realised my bra was twisted and unhooked it, untwisted it and hooked it back while in plain view in my cube. I have skillz!
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