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Thanks to some gritty investigative journalism by jerichoholic419 (aka her and her mom Googling Petr's wife to see whether that was the woman stalking Petr at Rangers Casino Night), I believe that the fate of PJ is now known!!!

Sadly, it looks like PJ, who has survived electrocution, life on the mean streets of New Jersey, and two dogs, has been given away to a friend.

On the bright side, he's alive and not dead! Uhh, I choose to believe that, anyway.

Cheech got his fourth hat trick last night. He has 40 goals now, which is even crazier when I think about how he had only 9 in the first 22 games. Somebody in sjsharks was saying he should get an A, and I immediately thought, "Nooooooooooo he's just a baby!!!"

Baby is growing up. *cries*

[Edit: A feature on one of our real babies, Devin Setoguchi!!!]

Hopefully, Nabby's tummy is all better because I'm ready for him to go back in goal tomorrow against the Blues. Toskala is looking tired, mentally rather than physically.
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