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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thanks to some gritty investigative journalism by jerichoholic419 (aka her and her mom Googling Petr's wife to see whether that was the woman stalking Petr at Rangers Casino Night), I believe that the fate of PJ is now known!!!

Sadly, it looks like PJ, who has survived electrocution, life on the mean streets of New Jersey, and two dogs, has been given away to a friend.

On the bright side, he's alive and not dead! Uhh, I choose to believe that, anyway.

Cheech got his fourth hat trick last night. He has 40 goals now, which is even crazier when I think about how he had only 9 in the first 22 games. Somebody in sjsharks was saying he should get an A, and I immediately thought, "Nooooooooooo he's just a baby!!!"

Baby is growing up. *cries*

[Edit: A feature on one of our real babies, Devin Setoguchi!!!]

Hopefully, Nabby's tummy is all better because I'm ready for him to go back in goal tomorrow against the Blues. Toskala is looking tired, mentally rather than physically.

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Why does Cheechoo ALWAYS pwn us? What did LA ever do to him???

*giggle* Maybe he doesn't like SoCal, he's scored two hat tricks against the Ducks.

Corvo seems to own us, though.

Do you think he'll run away again for another cross country trip?

I am thinking that probably he and Jacquelina and Nadezda and little Kazmir have gotten tired of moving, from Czech Republic to Russia back to Anaheim to New York, all in not very much time, and that they are all very happy to have a place to stay for a while. Especially if it has interesting things for them to chew on.

Ahh yes, he has a family now, with responsibilities and everything.

PJ is all grown up!!! *cries*

(Deleted comment)
Oops, looks like that post is locked. Em, unlock it! :P

"He chewed through the TV wire once and all four legs were in the air and he wasn't moving," he said. "I had to take him to the vet, who gave him a shot. He didn't move for four days. But then he got better. P.J. learned his lesson and now just runs in circles around the TV."

(Deleted comment)
That makes me feel weird.

You should get your own segment on the news! For asking the tough questions.

My mom wants to pick up sewing tomorrow because she kind of sucks, so I dunno if I'll be around EVER AGAIN.

Yay PJ! Heee.

::squishes the stuffing out of Cheech::

Awwwwww PJ.

It's so awesome when the babies grow up and start being awesome :D

It is!!! There's a strange sense of almost-maternal pride!

He used to talk to Patty EVERY SINGLE DAY. I wonder if he still does.

I dunno. His wife might get jealous. They must have hung out together, though, now that he's back in the area. :)

Eeee, PJ!

Cheechoo makes me smile a lot. Uhhh, as long as he stays out of our playoff spot! :p Take LA's!

Somebody in sjsharks was saying he should get an A, and I immediately thought, "Nooooooooooo he's just a baby!!!"

My reaction was a little more cynical than that, basically that Kyle and Thorty deserve it more. Plus the completely emotional fangirl response that Thorty deserves it more. Old Man! *mwah*

Hopefully, Nabby's tummy is all better

*kisses Nabby's tummy to make it better?*


Well, I don't think it would be good for anyone for Cheech to have the A. Like he doesn't need the added pressure, and there are other guys who are more capable.

Plus Thorty seems to have a way of getting people to behave. I like how he's always the one "convincing" guys to do things.


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