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What are those yellowish stains?

I uploaded a clip of Parker going batshit and climbing the glass partition between him and the Preds bench, and Brendan Witt also climbing up to fight him. Batshit.
Parker and Witt Fight Over the Glass

I don't expect to see Parker at the game tonight. :P

[Edit: tersa told me that he's not suspended. I guess that's one advantage of nobody knowing we exist? :P]

[Edit 2: Sharks' Parker suspended for two games. Guess they noticed after all.]

According to tersa, who was at the game, Parker, already in the box during the TV timeout serving a penalty, was going psycho at the refs, and Kyle McLaren was sent over to calm him down, but he got the game misconduct anyway, and as he was leaving... batshit.

Xiaxue has a hilarious post about this one cinema in Singapore that shows soft porn movies (actual porn is banned in Singapore) and dirty old men go there to watch movies and jerk off. :P I haven't heard about this place before but the government only raised the ban on soft porn (Yes, soft porn, including anything where you can see boobies, was banned before) after I came to the US. That's the sad part for me, that they aren't even watching real porn.
We brave the terror that's Yangtze

Limited glossary:
lar - a meaningless sound appended to sentences. Functions kind of like punctuation?
tak glam - not glamorous
auntie/uncle - what you call someone at least a generation older than you if they're not related to you, if they're related, there's some kind of special name for them depending on what the relationship is :P

Also, the girls wearing jackets is stranger and more of a hardship than you'd think because Singapore is permanently 90 degrees and like 90% humidity. :P
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