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We need reality show crews following the boys around

About Fernandez and Roloson: "And Ray, I wouldn't exactly say - and I know this because you told me - that there was a love affair between those two guys when they played together."

So... which guys did have a love affair when they played together? :P

I uploaded a clip of Mike Modano on After Hours!!! I have special Tammy warning though, they show the clip where the paramedic drops him. Just preparing you.
Mike Modano After Hours

I have a couple of other videos uploaded too:

Petr Sykora Interview
Noteworthy in that Petr doesn't smile the entire time! (He didn't smile the entire game, actually!)

Scott Thornton doing a Tour of California Time Trial
One word: SPANDEX

Kovalchuk said something to Petr just before a faceoff, and like, I'm sure that what these guys say is totally boring and/or stupid, but I totally want to know!!! So I can laugh at them, damn it!
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