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A pest of our very own!

Toskala so demanded Ville as part of his contract negotiations. :P

From Nieminen Thrilled To Be In San Jose:
“Of course seeing my buddy there (Toskala) in net tonight is great. We’ve walked a long path together. Some people say that we’ve walked a little bit too long,” laughed Nieminen. “But it’s good to play with a guy who you grew up with, 4,000 miles away. We grew up together, we went to school together, we played soccer together. He used to live in the next town over, but that was only a mile or so away. It’s a real thrill.”

Toskala, who will be back in net tonight, will be happy to have his old pal in the lineup with him.

“Where we’re from, there’s always been two teams and we’ve always been playing against each other,” said Toskala. “We grew to be good friends and it’s nice to be on the same team now.”

Well, I'm really glad the team didn't get dismantled! I would have liked Niko to stay, but he'd been given a lot of chances, and for whatever reason, he just wasn't being consistent, despite his talent. A trade might shock him into that, cos' sometimes you just need a change.

The three stars of the game tonight were all babies! *gives them all lollipops* Thank you Team Germany, for upgrading Christian Ehrhoff.

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