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Who's been giving out the loving?

From No room for error as playoffs loom:
Right now, in fact, the Sharks are not good enough in the standings to be among the Western Conference's top eight teams -- the eight playoff teams. In Turin, Thornton said, a popular discussion topic in the Canadian locker room was the NHL playoff situation.

``We talked a lot about it,'' Thornton said. ``A lot of the guys really love our team, actually. They think we're going to be sneaking in there somewhere. Nobody wants to play us. And everybody is real surprised how close it is, this late in the year, that there are 11 or 12 teams still in it.''

A lot of guys from other teams love our team? Doesn't that sound a bit strange? Which Sharks have been putting out???

And from the same article:
``I'd like to get somebody up front, to be honest with you,'' Wilson said, further describing his potential target as ``a detail guy'' who could be trusted in short-handed situations.

OMG greatkate, possible Yorkage!!!

Smoked salmon + cream cheese + capers + croissant for breakfast. Mmm! :D
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