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Jason Blake accidentally reveals private team issues

This is a quote from Jason Blake flashed on a graphic during today's Habs/Isles game:
This is our chance to come together. We haven't done it all year. We've done it in spurts.

To which I say... hockey bukkake!

Oh, Toskala! So cute, so Finnish, you would be so adorable in reindeer pajamas.

Hopefully the Red Wings will be inspired to play the Ducks tomorrow. :D

It was so windy yesterday that I was actually moved by the wind! And so was the man standing next to me. I had to lean back into the wind when it blew to stay still, which was actually kinda' fun. :)

The first 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls are $160 on Amazon. After rebate, it would only be $120. That's $24 per season! So, so tempted. And if I got the first season of Veronica Mars, there would be a $10 rebate on that too...

[Edit: Nabby and Datsyuk were on the same flight from Munich to SF! And Nabby had In-N-Out after he left the airport. YUM.]
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