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I have the internets again!

So, my cable modem died on Thursday night and only got replaced today. The connection was working fine when it was plugged directly into my computer, but when I plugged it into my router instead, so that my roommate and TiVo can also connect to the internet, it wouldn't work. So I went into my router configuration, and set it to clone the MAC address of the ethernet card on my computer and it worked.

Because that's the obvious thing to do. >.<

I had a dream again two nights ago, this time about Petr Sykora, and not about Alyn McCauley. I am much less uncomfortable about that one.

So apparently I have to work at least 30 hours a week to not be considered part-time. If I'm part-time, I don't get health insurance. I guess I will not be working part-time anymore. This will severely cut into my bumming time! :P

The guy who came to fix my internet connection is a big hockey fan! A Penguins fan from umm, some place in Pennsylvania nearish to Pittsburgh. We babbled (maybe it was mostly me babbling) for a while; it's like hockey is a native language shared by not many people so when I get the chance to speak it I go nuts. :P

Finally told my roommate that the brand name of the facial wash she uses means "fuck your mother" in Hokkien. She found it hysterical.

Speaking of native languages, I think I'm sort of in love with this girl. I am definitely in love with the phrase "FUCK THE AUNTIE". And the way she writes is the way I talk to other Singaporeans. Might make a phone post or something one of these days to illustrate.

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