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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hooray for Tomasz Sikora!

So instead of getting hockey, I got... biathlon (yay, west coast delay), so I just left it on, and then I noticed that there was a guy called "Sikora" competing. He was Polish, not Czech, but I decided that I was going to root for him anyway, haha.

The guy is totally not expected to be a contender or anything, and Poland's never won a biathlon medal, but he manages to win the silver! It's his last Olympics, too, so a good way to go out for him. He crossed himself at the finish line, then promptly fell over and didn't get up for... actually, I never saw him get up, haha. Someone came over and removed his skis, but he stayed down. :P

They showed his face when he fired his last round of shots and umm, he's got the Vinny Prospal look. I don't know what to think about that.

During the hockey game, they showed this guy and I was like, he's pretty hot, who is this? Then they said it was Pavel Kubina and *SHRIEKS* Man, what trauma. :(

Cable modem is still down at home, so I decided to come to the office and do work instead. WTF?!

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I thoguht the same thing about kubina! >.< bah

LOL!!! Kate thought it too! Ahh *shares trauma with you*

So... did this Sikora have a crotch fixation like Petr Sykora?

As for Kubina... well, he's not so pretty now that Kovalchuk hit him in the face... http://www.nhl.com/news/2006/02/261050.html ... and got pitched from the game for his trouble...


I think he was too tired to grab his crotch.

He was standing in the hallway after his hit actually, when I saw him. Looked totally fine.

dude. I watched the biathlon this afternoon and saw Sikora and thought of you!

Aww! At least one Sikora got an Olympic medal! :P

I kept thinking the SAME THING everytime I heard Sikora!! There was also a guy on team Russia named Sergei Zhukov and everytime I heard his name I thought of Zubov.

and I was like, he's pretty hot, who is this? Then they said it was Pavel Kubina and *SHRIEKS* Man, what trauma. :(

Poor Mae is all traumatized this weekend! :)

Man, when we had nightly chats there was trauma pretty much every time. A lot of it involving Derian Hatcher, I think. I'm not sure. I've blocked it all out.

I kinda' miss those chats, actually. :(

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