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Hooray for Tomasz Sikora!

So instead of getting hockey, I got... biathlon (yay, west coast delay), so I just left it on, and then I noticed that there was a guy called "Sikora" competing. He was Polish, not Czech, but I decided that I was going to root for him anyway, haha.

The guy is totally not expected to be a contender or anything, and Poland's never won a biathlon medal, but he manages to win the silver! It's his last Olympics, too, so a good way to go out for him. He crossed himself at the finish line, then promptly fell over and didn't get up for... actually, I never saw him get up, haha. Someone came over and removed his skis, but he stayed down. :P

They showed his face when he fired his last round of shots and umm, he's got the Vinny Prospal look. I don't know what to think about that.

During the hockey game, they showed this guy and I was like, he's pretty hot, who is this? Then they said it was Pavel Kubina and *SHRIEKS* Man, what trauma. :(

Cable modem is still down at home, so I decided to come to the office and do work instead. WTF?!

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I thoguht the same thing about kubina! >.< bah

LOL!!! Kate thought it too! Ahh *shares trauma with you*

So... did this Sikora have a crotch fixation like Petr Sykora?

As for Kubina... well, he's not so pretty now that Kovalchuk hit him in the face... ... and got pitched from the game for his trouble...


I think he was too tired to grab his crotch.

He was standing in the hallway after his hit actually, when I saw him. Looked totally fine.

dude. I watched the biathlon this afternoon and saw Sikora and thought of you!

Aww! At least one Sikora got an Olympic medal! :P

I kept thinking the SAME THING everytime I heard Sikora!! There was also a guy on team Russia named Sergei Zhukov and everytime I heard his name I thought of Zubov.

and I was like, he's pretty hot, who is this? Then they said it was Pavel Kubina and *SHRIEKS* Man, what trauma. :(

Poor Mae is all traumatized this weekend! :)

Man, when we had nightly chats there was trauma pretty much every time. A lot of it involving Derian Hatcher, I think. I'm not sure. I've blocked it all out.

I kinda' miss those chats, actually. :(

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