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The Invincible M.A.E.

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You're fired!

New Sharks icon for the Olympics! Nabby in his Olympics mask, featuring a shark on each side chomping through a boat (name Torino painted on the side) decorated with the flags of all the countries competing in hockey.

I took some screenshots from the, uhh, Sweden(?) game since I couldn't find any. Right, back, left.

I'm kind of heartened by the Canada/Czech Republic game, even though it ended in a loss. I'm glad that it was finally made clear that Vokoun is not playing well. He should have been fired after the Swiss game and has been quite bad in all of the games. I think he's a good goalie, but right now, he's shaky. Maybe Nashville overworked him or something. Was pleasantly surprised by Hnlicka's play. :) Heh, hopefully Vokoun will keep this up when he gets back to the NHL. ;)

I'm like, crazy proud of Marian Hossa. In terms of "just hockey", which is kind of a nebulous description, he's been my favourite player for a while now. Everyone knows he's a superstar but he doesn't really get raved about much in the NHL because he's actually good defensively. :P And to hear things like "Marian Hossa has been the best player on the ice in this game, bar none" just makes me so happy. :)

I find myself watching games and rooting for people rather than teams. I would love to see the Czech Republic win gold, but it wouldn't be as meaningful for me than if Petr Sykora was on the team. I want Russia to do well for Nabby, I'm really happy that Ehrhoff and Goc scored goals, and umm, I'm not that keen about the Canadian team, but I love that Todd Bertuzzi's played well so far (in comparison to other guys on the team).

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I am so proud of Marian too! *swoons* He's the greatest ever. And it's pretty sad when the Ottawa Citizen is doing a write-up on Heatley and have right in the middle of it "But he can't make you forget what a great two-way player Marian Hossa was." I was like XD XD XD XD MARIANNNN!

And, I love Nabby's mask for the Olympics, LMAO.

Ooh, burn! But that makes me gleeful since I love Marian and hate Heatley. (Sorry.)

I'm really glad he made that. He'll have a cool souvenir. :)

I'm warming up to him, heh. For most of the time I wanted to stab him, but now I'm like, yaymaybe. I still really wish Marian was still here though. :( I miss him.

He will! I love how on the helmet, they showed it on tv during one of the games, all the other countries' flags are like ripped apart, lmao, I found it funny.

He has always been and forever will be evil. :P

The flags are actually all intact, you can see in the screenshots in this post. It's the boat that isn't doing too well...

LMAO, I know, I see him and am like grrr sometimes. But, I'm like, meh, okay. But I still wish he was Marian instead.

lol, damn, I have bad eyes then. Sorry. XD

Yeah... it's different when they're on your team. I'm pretty tolerant of Joe Thornton now.

"But he can't make you forget what a great two-way player Marian Hossa was."

Seriously, the best part of that whole write-up. Because it's true.

It is! Heatley's a decent player, but I still wish we had Marian. You can't fully replace a guy like him.

it's kind of exciting to see the tournament wide open. I can find someone to cheer on almost all the teams.

Tomas Kaberle has two goals in the first (or second, it's a blur) Che....z..spelling game and of course this lead to "now he learns to shoot!" comments. But even better was what he said.

"Yeah I had no one to pass to. If I had someone else I would have for sure probably passed instead." Maybe, or something. Whatever.

Someone said that the CBC guy was absolutely flabberghasted and was like, "Is that Tomas Kaberle???"

But yeah, basically, he has no McCabe so he has to put on his Czech superhero outfit and shoot. :P

Muahahahaha, she recognised Heatley because of his fugliness!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, I can't believe she was there. Torino is a mythical place.

I wish the Czechs had done the chant that ends with "hop! hop! hop!" because it's the cutest thing ever. :D

I've been rooting the same way, for players not necessarily for teams. It is really hard to full on root against any team because there is usually someone I like playing.

Good point. I couldn't even hate the Swiss because Gerber's all right.

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