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What NHL Whore are you?

What NHL Whore are you?

A quiz by the luscious and enchanting Tammy.

You are...Paul Kariya! Stalker!Whore. You prey on the newbies to your team, giving them a welcoming that um, well, they'll never forget. You're smooth and charming, and good looking, but careful, darling. One of these days one of those boys just may say no and get a restraining order.

That's funny, I could have sworn I was CS before. But oh well, I'm a stalker! I suppose I should go ahead and put those stalking skills to good use. *grin*

Hmm, Sharks in Atlanta tonight. patrickmarleau, jeffjillson, ilya_kovalchuk and danyheatley in the same city. Anything going to happen? *hint* *hint*
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