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Pillow fight club!!!

On Valentine's Day, 1000 people in San Francisco gathered near the Ferry Building and had a pillow fight club. I totally wanted to go, but I was still sick. Boo. Looks like it was a lot of fun, though. :)

I was bummed when I saw that Russia lost to Slovakia yesterday, but then I found out it was Bryzgalov in goal, so I didn't care. I only care about Nabby. :P

Speaking of Russians, last_silvite mentioned something about Russia running out of vodka, and I talked to Russian Alex about it, and he said that basically it was a big bureaucratic fuck up that's going to result in the shortage and that he thinks the government will be toppled over this. *grin* Even during World War II when everything was falling apart, the country still had vodka so this is truly a national disaster!
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