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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Salad days

Happy birthday, fetisha!!! *sends a dozen assorted Scandinavians*

And thank you, agentirish, for the candy!!! That was really nice of you. *munches*

So I kicked over a bum's cup of change on the way to work today. >.< I apologised and he was very nice about it, but what a >.< thing to do. :P

I have been eating so badly recently. Like, I think it's at least partially responsible for me falling sick last week. And then last night I had nothing but curly fries and bread for dinner, and urgh. I am eating nothing but salad and fruit until I feel better! I just had some for lunch and it's helped, already. Psychological effect, yes, but more long term physical effect should follow. :)

It really sucks that chunks of the live hockey games are just missing. Thus far, anyway. It goes to intermission, and suddenly the second period starts over 4 minutes in with 2 goals having been scored! I mean, they show them in replay later, but, blech. I understand when they put in the commercial breaks when they can at stoppages and that the games don't allow for commercial timeouts, so play resumes before the commercial ends, but missing 4 solid minutes of play after an intermission seems a bit much.

My roomie got me a Sharks blanket for Christmas!!! Yeah, it's late, but that never stopped me either. :P It makes me happy. I can wrap myself up in Sharks love when I get cold in my room. (I saw 2 different Joe Thornton T-shirts at the website while looking for that blanket image. *mumble* *grumble*)

Umm, and since I'm reading LJ and updating at the same time, Jarkko Ruutu and Ville Nieminen on the same line? Are they going to make it through the Olympics alive? Will the other countries form an international kidnapping gang and stash them bound and gagged in a janitor's closet somewhere?

I am *sigh* slightly happy that Joe Thornton scored a goal, because he's like, a Shark, or whatever. *mumble* But very, very happy to hear that Bertuzzi played well and was second star! Don't let the asshats (asshat?) get you down!

I want the Czech Republic to get gold, of course, but wouldn't be unhappy to see any of the other teams get it, except for the fucking Latvians! Just kidding. *grin*

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I got a canucks blanket for christmas heee :)

hahjarkko and ville that killed me lol

So you can wrap yourself in Canucks love!!!

Thank you, but it hasn't been happy so far.

Ahh, how come? What happened? :(

(Deleted comment)

Re: I just found out that Irbe's playing for Latvia!

I didn't know that! I thought he just carried the flag.

(Deleted comment)
I dunno, I never saw him play as a Shark, except in Game 7 vs the Wings in 1994 (that was him, right?) and my main association with him is the 2002 Hurricanes *hate* *hate* but now the Hurricanes aren't hateful anymore, blah blah blah.

Downgraded to indifference. :P

I am looking forward to seeing Nabby play, though. It's been so long! ;) Got the game recorded and watching with the roomie tonight.

(Deleted comment)
Aww, see, I understand that. It's for a similar reason that I'll always like Kiprusoff. :D

Except that it was training camp and he was five feet in front of me and the first real life hockey player I'd ever seen and I gaped at him like a moron for five minutes.

(Deleted comment)
*squeaks* Vesa is so totally adorable!!! I want to feed him muffins.

I think it's cooler to meet the guys you like, but don't really, really love. I'm still slightly smitten with Giguere. :)

Aww. The Thornton grumbling is making me giggle just a little. :) I'd say something about his goal, but I fell asleep for the bulk of the third period. Oops. Bertuzzi looked fantastic, though. ::happysigh::

I used to really dislike him! And like, now that he's on my team and like... contributing and stuff, it's very distressing! :P

Yay for Bert. :)

but but ARTURS! you have to respect the history!

i am, as always, pulling for the germans. ps, why didn't marco play?

Marco's out with a "upper body injury". He's missing the Olympics. :(

*hugs you* I know how much it took for you to say that about Joe. *nod* Baby steps.

PS. Your icon... made my day.

Blah blah blah. :P

If I had more space to work with, I would have put the helmet butting in too! :D

Jarkko Ruutu and Ville Nieminen on the same line? Are they going to make it through the Olympics alive?


That is one seriously pesty line!

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