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Hockey pr0n!

More videos:

Petr Sykora Bumping Fists
For the dorkiness.

Ryan Smyth on After Hours (Part 1, Part 2)
My favourite part is when they show footage of the 101-year-old woman happily fondling his hair while he blushes.

Marian Hossa Interview
Marian's first time playing in Ottawa since the trade. *sniffle*

Petr scored a real goal in the Leafs (i.e. one that he like, shot at the net) however I didn't see any crotch grabbing. :( Did anyone see crotch grabbing during the game? He managed to get 2nd star anyway!

Drew and Randy were all like, frisky or something last night.
DREW: There's some carnal knowledge going on between the players up there.

RANDY: Level vodka, just the right blend of smoothness and taste.
DREW: Just like you, partner!

Alyn McCauley has 4 goals in 5 games against the Stars this season (and 6 goals against everyone else). If you've read Long December, you would say...

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