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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey pr0n!

More videos:

Petr Sykora Bumping Fists
For the dorkiness.

Ryan Smyth on After Hours (Part 1, Part 2)
My favourite part is when they show footage of the 101-year-old woman happily fondling his hair while he blushes.

Marian Hossa Interview
Marian's first time playing in Ottawa since the trade. *sniffle*

Petr scored a real goal in the Leafs (i.e. one that he like, shot at the net) however I didn't see any crotch grabbing. :( Did anyone see crotch grabbing during the game? He managed to get 2nd star anyway!

Drew and Randy were all like, frisky or something last night.
DREW: There's some carnal knowledge going on between the players up there.

RANDY: Level vodka, just the right blend of smoothness and taste.
DREW: Just like you, partner!

Alyn McCauley has 4 goals in 5 games against the Stars this season (and 6 goals against everyone else). If you've read Long December, you would say...

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Haha that fist bumping is nothing. Throughout that review he kept touching his helmet to say the puck went off him, hah!

They were just flashes of dorkiness, though!

Does Darcy still love to play the Stars too? ;)

You are making my Petr love explode. I was talking to Robyn last night, and we were both giggling really hard over the Petr crotch-grabbing. I think we talked about it for like, five minutes straight. Thank you for sharing the love!

Haha, I'm glad you were entertained! I was disappointed that there weren't any crotch grabbing moments in the last game I watched! I may have to watch again to make sure...

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