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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Crotch shot #2!

early_afternoon!!! Apparently Chicago has the highest Polish population of any city in the world except Warsaw! The things you learn from Sharks broadcasts... :P

Conan O'Brien set to travel to Finland
I gotta catch that episode. :) Also, I like how there are more Finns in the studio audience now. I wonder if Ville Nieminen has ever gone to watch the show. :P

I'm proud that the TSN guys mistakenly declared that Petr was going to the Olympics! Sadly, not.

So about 7 minutes into the first period, Petr and Rucinsky skated into each other and took each other out. >.< Petr got up slowly and skated over to the bench, clutching his arm, and Rucinsky stayed down on the ice for a while, holding his head. As it turns out, Petr came back after a few shifts. Phew!

Coach's reaction, from Ranger win is first class:
"I thought, 'Well, maybe we'll get eighth place,'" Renney said. "I thought, 'Oh man, can this be happening now?' Then I started thinking, we've got a break (for the Olympics), so maybe they'll be healthy.... I had written them both off, take the stretchers and get them off."

I like how upfront Renney is.

Of the 6 goals that Petr has with the Rangers, 3 are fluky. One deflected off Phaneuf's stick, one off Volchenkov's skate, and one off his helmet. *boggles* If he scores a goal off his ass, I'll be ridiculously happy. As it is, I'm already pleased about his dad openly discussing Petr's groin with the media.

Since Petr scored yesterday, the camera was on him on the bench after the goal, which means that there's a Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day.

You have to use your imagination for this one, because his crotch isn't in the picture. That makes it dirtier somehow.

[Edit: What is he looking at on the jumbotron? Is it a replay of his goal? Is he grabbing his crotch while watching himself score???]

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petr's crotch makes me happy in a way I cant even put into words rofl

His crotch often leaves me speechless too.

Does he have the worst-fitting cup in the universe? Or is he doing it to make us happy?

Maybe he does it to comfort himself, like a baby sucking its thumb.

OMG stop making me laugh my ass off at work, because you can NOT explain "crotch shot of the day" to my supervisor... *giggles*

There was a lovely one of him doing it on the ice, too. I'll try to find a good one for his next game! :D

Maybe it was live and he was watching himself... uh, watch himself.


So I guess this means he is *ahem* very fond of himself? ;)


He's certainly a man who's in touch with himself.

Conan O'Brien set to travel to Finland

Huzzah! Maybe ... Maybe he'll run into mine and Frala's parents-in-law. Because that's realistic thinking! :p

Oh, everyone in Finland knows everyone else!

Petr's crotch makes for a happy and enjoyable day :) Best be showing this one around too. My office mates like it, and are highly amused. *G*

It's strangely reassuring. I love how he has no shame. Especially when he dropped his pants at practice! :)

Petr and his crotch were the only bright points in that damn game! ;)

I'm going to keep quiet about enjoying Petr's self-love from now on, though. The other night Heatley saw fit to try to duplicate the magic, and then I just wanted to cry. Why god why.

Not as much crotch as there was in Anaheim, though. The MSG guys have started to fall in love with him, so the camera follows him more often. I guess he just doesn't appear on TSN enough.


Ah! I can't wait until he goes to Finland!

Sykora's crotch shot never gets old.

Speaking of Finland, they interviewed Toskala after last night's game! I'll put a clip up soonish.

Oh dear, "old crotch" sounds very upsetting.


Hi, Mae. There's now water all over my monitor and keyboard. Thanks a LOT. (:

*giggle* This is part of what makes him so much fun to watch!

Actually I did know that...lots of delicious Polish food here.


First of all, LOL!!! But now I'm wondering, what would needful crotchiness be?

caitlin pointed me over here just for that shot (okay, in general, but also for that shot), and erm.... he looks like he's definitely er, enjoying himself. Heh.

I cannot stop laughing.

Have you seen the one here? Truly glorious!

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