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Crotch shot #2!

early_afternoon!!! Apparently Chicago has the highest Polish population of any city in the world except Warsaw! The things you learn from Sharks broadcasts... :P

Conan O'Brien set to travel to Finland
I gotta catch that episode. :) Also, I like how there are more Finns in the studio audience now. I wonder if Ville Nieminen has ever gone to watch the show. :P

I'm proud that the TSN guys mistakenly declared that Petr was going to the Olympics! Sadly, not.

So about 7 minutes into the first period, Petr and Rucinsky skated into each other and took each other out. >.< Petr got up slowly and skated over to the bench, clutching his arm, and Rucinsky stayed down on the ice for a while, holding his head. As it turns out, Petr came back after a few shifts. Phew!

Coach's reaction, from Ranger win is first class:
"I thought, 'Well, maybe we'll get eighth place,'" Renney said. "I thought, 'Oh man, can this be happening now?' Then I started thinking, we've got a break (for the Olympics), so maybe they'll be healthy.... I had written them both off, take the stretchers and get them off."

I like how upfront Renney is.

Of the 6 goals that Petr has with the Rangers, 3 are fluky. One deflected off Phaneuf's stick, one off Volchenkov's skate, and one off his helmet. *boggles* If he scores a goal off his ass, I'll be ridiculously happy. As it is, I'm already pleased about his dad openly discussing Petr's groin with the media.

Since Petr scored yesterday, the camera was on him on the bench after the goal, which means that there's a Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day.

You have to use your imagination for this one, because his crotch isn't in the picture. That makes it dirtier somehow.

[Edit: What is he looking at on the jumbotron? Is it a replay of his goal? Is he grabbing his crotch while watching himself score???]
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