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More videos!

Four new videos for your viewing pleasure!

Shark Byte Quick Quiz
I love these because they're usually really gay. Joe Thornton, Scott Hannan, Niko Dimitrakos, Evgeni Nabokov, Jonathan Cheechoo, Jim Fahey and Josh Gorges are the victims this time. Questions are all over the place, but apparently Cheech and Fahey had some kind of lovers' quarrel. :P

Scott Hannan Wakeboarding
I think there's some stuff about him being a good defenseman or whatever, but the highlight is they show him wakeboarding!

Florida Panthers Ice and Dice
Otherwise known as Casino Night. I'm indifferent to the Panthers as a team, but it was nice to see Luongo, Roberts and Nieuwendyk all dressed up. It was kinda' horrifying to see Olli Jokinen. Like you know how some guys look freakish on the ice, but then you see them in outside clothes and they look fine? It's the reverse for him! Ferenghi Jacques Martin and Evil Mike Keenan also appear, as well as someone who I think might be Jozef Stumpel? Blah blah Panthers.

Luongo Interviewed About the Olympics
Noteworthy because someone asks him a question slashing him with Brodeur. Blah blah Panthers.

Patty Marleau was the latest guy to do the Five Questions segment. If anyone is interested in watching it, I can make it into a clip and upload.
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