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Deepest penetration

Went to the Ducks game last night with my roommate and we decided to go check out the Tech Museum. Watched Roving Mars on IMAX and umm, it was really good, and I may have actually cried a little. I was short on sleep. Yeah. It's really good and heartwarming and all that. I have a greater appreciation for the Mars rovers now. :)

There was a sign in the lower level that said "Martian Activities" and I'm probably the only person who saw that and immediately pictured Marty and Marian kissing in an elevator.

The best part of the game was the warmups. :P You know how when good buddies on different teams play each other, they always sneak over to center ice and like, pretend not to be talking to their buddy while they're stretching and they totally are?

Well, Nabokov and Bryzgalov just skated straight to each other and started talking animatedly to each other, with Bryzgalov waving his arms around, and Nabby wiggling his butt and humping the ice. Then Bryzgalov skated away. Maybe Nabby declared that he was going to be the starting goalie for Team Russia!

A little girl had a "I love you, Niko" sign that she held up to the glass right next to Niko, and he was like skating around nonchalantly and not reacting to the sign, but then he flipped a puck over the glass to her. :)

I went to look for tersa at the first intermission but she wasn't there. :( I left your DVDs for you, though! :D

And... I can't remember anything else. I really should have written this last night. :P

Alex and Tessa came by today to watch the Superbowl at my place and I bought 4 types of dip, 3 types of tortilla chips, 1 bag of potato chips, a big hunk of bread, 3 types of goat cheese, mini crab cakes, chocolate and green tea mochi (ice cream wrapped in soft pastry), ginger ale, and they brought wine and beer.

There are tons of leftovers.

We were kind of disappointed with the commercials. None of them were really good, except maybe the magic fridge one. Boo.

As for the game itself, there were a bunch of key marginal calls against the Seahawks, which spoiled the game a little bit. I think the Steelers would probably have won anyway, and it's not like they were putzes and would definitely have lost without the aid of bad calls against the other team, but it just feels kinda' cheesy. :P I dunno, last year I enjoyed the playoffs a lot more than the Superbowl itself too.

Alex and I kept cracking up at all the announcer innuendo, especially at the use of the phrase "deepest penetration". We giggled at "tight end" too. Yes, we are 12.

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