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Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day

I present to you the Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day.

I still need to compile those into a clip or something. So many, though, it would take ages.

Also, something about going to New York has turned him back into a leaper.

My current theory is that how high he jumps is dependent on the height/size of the jumpees. He never jumped on anyone in Anaheim. That's because the team was built around Paul Kariya and all of them are midgets. When he was in New Jersey he would get two, maybe three feet on Jason Arnott, wrapping his legs around his waist and burying Jason's face in his chest. He'd do that on the ice, too.

Uhh, anyway, the Rangers seem to be pretty regular-sized, so he settles for a modest maximum jump height of about one foot. This is just my current theory, though, it's possible that the height is proportional to how excited he is about the goal scored. I'll pay attention to future games and keep you guys updated.

According to the radio guys, a few days ago Scott Thornton organized a "head off" for the team. It was a competition to see who has the biggest head. The radio guys then went on to say how this was great because it kept the guys "loose". Either Doug Murray or Scott Hannan won.
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