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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day

I present to you the Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day.

I still need to compile those into a clip or something. So many, though, it would take ages.

Also, something about going to New York has turned him back into a leaper.

My current theory is that how high he jumps is dependent on the height/size of the jumpees. He never jumped on anyone in Anaheim. That's because the team was built around Paul Kariya and all of them are midgets. When he was in New Jersey he would get two, maybe three feet on Jason Arnott, wrapping his legs around his waist and burying Jason's face in his chest. He'd do that on the ice, too.

Uhh, anyway, the Rangers seem to be pretty regular-sized, so he settles for a modest maximum jump height of about one foot. This is just my current theory, though, it's possible that the height is proportional to how excited he is about the goal scored. I'll pay attention to future games and keep you guys updated.

According to the radio guys, a few days ago Scott Thornton organized a "head off" for the team. It was a competition to see who has the biggest head. The radio guys then went on to say how this was great because it kept the guys "loose". Either Doug Murray or Scott Hannan won.

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There's nothing like some Sykie crotch to brighten my afternoon. Whee!

I have a video clip too! I'll upload when I get home. :P

He'd do that on the ice, too.

Hahahah. *loves all over gay hockey*

*grin* I have a picture of that (on the ice)! It makes me happy. :)

The crotch shot of the day rocks my world. :D

If I remember too, I'll try to do one for every Rangers game I watch. I think it's tough to beat the gloriousness of this one, though.

I think we need a Petr version of this icon *points*

I showed my friend and he said I should make it into an icon with the text "deez nutz"!!!

*giggle* Well I just had to share that around the office. It went over smashingly. Petr is famous here now LOL

And I love that he's taken to leaping again. I just hope he thinks first before going after Marty. He'd squish little Marty :)

oh and if I didn't tell you before... I simply LOVE that icon of yours *sigh*

Haha, that's awesome. Like, he does it every game, but that was a truly glorious shot.

Dude, if he hurt Marty he'd be so mortified that he'd commit seppuku!

They are totally adorable. :D

Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day

That is the best picture in the whole god damn world.

Re: Petr Sykora crotch shot of the day

*grin* It was an especially glorious shot. It's that post-goal celebratory heft.

I agree with the leaping theory. Also, I think he's comfortable here, something I don't think he was in Anaheim. He grew up as a player around NY/NJ, so it's like coming home to him. He jumps in joy!

Crotch shot, lol. Please don't post any Jagr ones, that will scare me.

Well, he was comfortable with Babcock as the coach. Comfortable enough to roll around on the ice with Prospal, muahahaha!

But it's totally the leap of joy.

Scare you??? *SHRIEKS* *WEEPS*

For some reason, the score beside it makes me think of a Crotch-off. As if anyone could hold their own against Petr, but you know.

Crotch icon!

There are a few contenders, but none with the consistency or sheer enthusiasm and gusto that Petr has.

Also, was "hold their own" an intentional or unintentional pun? :P

Crotch shot, hooray!

He'd do that on the ice, too.

Ahahahahahahahahah. Yeah, I just made a really undignified sort of snorting noise when I read that. Bwah.

It was a truly glorious one. *sigh*

*grin* Glad you were amused. :D

Okay, I read that as LEPER and kind of boggled for a minute.

That would have been an interesting and upsetting reason as to why he keeps grabbing himself...

At first, I was wondering if I REALLY wanted to know what Sykora was doing in the first picture...

Then I decided... I didn't want to know. *g*

So he does this *frequently*?! *boggle* Doesn't he realise there's a CAMERA on him? *wry*


He adjusts himself pretty much at the end of every shift, just as he's about to take a seat on the bench. Or if he's on the ice during a TV timeout or whatever, he'll adjust himself while skating around on the ice. He always takes his glove off, too.

Apparently he doesn't care about the whole camera thing.

Not as a Duck.

Not even when he was a little Devil.

Oh, Petr. LOVE.

When he was in New Jersey he would get two, maybe three feet on Jason Arnott, wrapping his legs around his waist and burying Jason's face in his chest. He'd do that on the ice, too.


Yay leaping! I love when they leap. Natuzzi aside, my teams have pretty terrible leaping/hugging/groping skills. Maybe when they get older.

Marty and Marian were doing pretty good until they were cruelly broken up.

(Deleted comment)
He's in the middle of breathing out, but it's an oddly appropriate expression.

He seems to have successfully charmed the camera guys at MSG now, and they show him more often, hence more crotch adjustment sightings! :D

The boy has no shame! I was at a ducks game and he was adjusting himself while skating and chatting with Fedorov. He just kept going and going like there was nothing wrong with it to the point where Feds started to giggle. What is going on down there?!

Wow! Usually he doesn't do extended crotch grabs, just the one heft and done.

He was the only Duck who melted Feds' icy heart! After goals, Feds was all aloof and "don't touch me!" but Petr would hug him enthusiastically, and he'd finally relent.

Wheeeee, Petr crotch, yay! ^_^

You can watch the clip too! :D

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