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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Alex is getting married!

Russian (ex-)roomie Alex is getting married!!!

alex: hey - so fyi I'm getting married
mae: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
alex: uh oh
mae: Congratulations!!!
alex: thanks!
mae: :-D
alex: Chip and I will really make a good couple
alex: :-)

Umm, he is, in fact, marrying Tessa. :P

joolzie, who is alive, alerted me to a translated interview with Petr!

Malik thinks he's a "funny guy". Which makes me think of Goodfellas "Funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh?" And Prucha calling him a "kid"! And Carlyle giving him the cold shoulder? How could anyone be mean to Petr? It's like being mean to a puppy!

People write fic and make me happy. :D

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Haha, kid. That's funny.

Maybe Malik means that Petr is so dorky, he cracks them up.

Hee, yeah, he's very umm, enthusiastic. Have you noticed that now he jumps up and flings his arms around the guys when they celebrate goals? Both skates leave the ice!

He's one of them *sniff* True love.

Seriously, he seems so relaxed and happy here. I'm glad he's enjoying himself again :)

There's a quote from im that says something to the effect of having to bond with linemates to play well with them. I wonder just how much bonding is going on...

Well, he liked his teammates in Anaheim at least, I think. He was developing a gazing-deeply-into-each-others'-eyes bond with McDonald, and apparently Teemu liked him enough to fondle his thigh on the bench 10 games into the season.

But yeah, the coach is someone you have to deal with all the time and if he didn't like him...

Hahahaha, Master calling somebody else funny. There's delightfully dorktastic irony in that, for real. :D


I just noticed that he called him a "leader". If he's one of their leaders, they're in trouble. :P

he IS a funny guy! just look at his hair! and pants!

And he's been to the SC finals what, three times since the last time the Rags were in the playoffs? I could translate that to leadership...

What pants? *grin* But dude... the hair, it's like, gone now. I hope it found a good home.

*weeps* That makes me so sad thinking of him in the locker room after Game 7, too crushed to even say anything.

Randy obviously knew that Petr might just jump him if he responded to that "hello."

Dude, I can so see Petr getting on the ice and smiling and saying "hello!" and there being no response, so him yelling it louder and waving his hand too. Then maybe raising his hand and pointing to himself and then saying "hello" again.


Man, can you imagine how cute his kids will be? Running around and into things and faceplanting and all like, bubbly drooly and stuff.

He has so many guys to slut around with now. And the excited goal celebrations are already beginning. He jumps a little off the ice and flings his arms around a couple of guys every time now. By the end of the season he should be leaping on guys and knocking them down and rolling around together and head butting them.

Why is Petr so amazing? In his um. Own way.

I've read a lot of Petr just didn't fit in comments and I don't get it. He always seems like such a team guy... I can see Carlyle and Burke saying that about a guy like Fedorov, but not Petr.

Well, frala said that Carlyle doesn't like guys who don't buy into the system, and I can see him being stubborn enough not to do that. I think he really did try to make it work out ther, though.

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