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The Invincible M.A.E.

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For April Fool's or Halloween or whatever, I think the Czech Rangers should sneak on Czech jerseys. It's got the whole red, white and blue thing going too! Have I already said that? Maybe.

From Burke looks to pick up pieces:
"When you take over a team that has had largely a losing tradition, as we have, you have to shovel out the stable before you start showing the horses," said Burke, hired in June by new team owners Henry and Susan Samueli. "We're in that stage now. We've had to get some people out of here that didn't want to be here, some people who did not fit the blueprint of the type of team I need to have."

Haha, so Feds and Petr are horse crap!

From Renney shuffles lines for fresh start:
Jagr, the league's leading scorer (30-42-72), skated Friday after two days of coach-imposed quarantine. Although still coughing, he was back to his playful self. He mugged for the media while trying on a snug Czech Republic Olympic team practice jersey and showed how tight his stomach muscles had become from the persistent hacking that kept apartment-mate Petr Prucha awake.

I am horrified, and unable (unwilling) to explain why.

From SI:
SYKORA'S SALVATION: Petr Sykora wanted out of Anaheim.

Out in the land of Disney, Sykora dressed like a Duck but he didn't play like one. So, he didn't get the ice time he needed to be the successful scorer he was for seven years with the New Jersey Devils.

When he went to Brian Burke and asked for a trade to the New York Rangers, the Anaheim general manager made it happen.

Sykora's play on Broadway is proving how happy he is.

After posting seven goals and 13 assists in 34 games in Anaheim, Sykora netted three goals and three assists in his first eight contests with the Rangers.

"Because I'm playing, that's the simple answer,'' he said before facing his former New Jersey Devils teammates for the first time as a Ranger. "I am going out there in the situations where I believe I should be out there. I didn't have that in Anaheim.''

While he is satisfied to be in New York, Sykora didn't quite get the plan the Ducks were running. He took a veiled swipe at his former team, which also traded high-profile forward Sergei Fedorov this season.

"I guess I wasn't a fit with the direction where the Ducks were going and obviously Sergei Fedorov wasn't, either,'' Sykora said. "It's behind me now. Honestly, I don't think about it at all. My head is going ahead.

"I'm very happy that I'm on a team who is driven to make the playoffs and who has a structure.''

I didn't really get past "Sykora dressed like a Duck" and am imagining him covered with feathers. Quack.

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on the plus side he has lovey abs! :P

*CRIES* You are totally awful!!! The fearsome Jaromir Jagr indeed!!! *cries* (They called him that during the game)


But you know, at least I haven't seen his bare ass...

Did you see Rodent's translated Petr interview a few days ago?

I'm alive, just tired-tired-tired and without anything to say. Except maybe LEAFS SUCK. Because they do.

I didn't, thank you!!! Ahahaha Prucha called him a kid! And how can Carlyle give him the cold shoulder? It's like kicking a puppy!!!

Did you sense I was threatening to call you? I was going to give you a few more days. I'd hate for someone to call while I was hiding from the world. :P

Well, I was starting to concern myself. :P

You'll be excited to hear that I had some ridiculously delicious chocolate cake yesterday.

Mmmmmmm... now I want cake!

EP thinks that Petr and Patty will spend the Olympic break snuggling. :)

hahahahaahahahah Oh man, I don't know why that comment about coughing&abs makes me laugh so hard, but it does.

It would make me laugh except that I'm quite horrified by Jagr. So maybe it's a horrified laughter, only not a laugh because I'm petrified with horror.

...and showed how tight his stomach muscles had become from the persistent hacking that kept apartment-mate Petr Prucha awake.

WTF! Lol...

Frala's pictures scared me :-x

*cries* I can't believe she just... inflicted them on me!

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