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Got the hell out of Porpoise Spit

Happy belated birthday, biorhythm, and happy birthday, ctr022501!

I just finished reading Five Quarts, a nonfiction book about the history about blood, although it's definitely not a boring history book. The author is a gay man living in San Francisco whose partner is HIV positive. Thus he's much more aware of blood in every day life than the average person. He does write about his partner and AIDS, but he also writes about Greek myths, Gothic literature, and his sisters.

I really enjoyed it, although it gets squicky in many parts, and I like blood. Bloodletting was a popular medical treatment in the past, and it gets pretty graphically described at several points. *shudder*

Interesting trivia I learned from the book: barbers used to perform other services besides shaves and haircuts, and one of these services was bloodletting; the red, white and blue diagonal stripes on the barber shop pole represent blood, bandages and veins, respectively.

So Comcast has a bunch of free movies available and I watched Muriel's Wedding and Starship Troopers, both of which are really good movies, although very different. I suppose both are satires? That's about the only thing they have in common.

Muriel's Wedding struck a little too close to home for me, with the dad constantly going on about how his children were worthless. Blah. But that's just one small part of it, it was funny and awful and outrageous and devastating and everything mixed up nicely.

Starship Troopers really impressed me! I thought that it was just another action movie with some satirical elements, but it's a satire with action movie elements. The sad thing is, the alien bugs are so hideous and awful (they kill by dismemberment--if you hate gore, skip this one) that I think most people would be able to sit through it and go, "Yeah! Let's kill some bugs!" just like the characters and not doubt the righteousness of escalating a war that's leading to an increasingly horrific death toll for both sides for no discernible purpose other than to keep fighting.

In the movie, just like in the real world, the enemy is so different that no attention is paid to why they are doing what they are doing, that perhaps they are simply reacting/responding.

And umm, I really loved the coed shower scene and how all the women in it had real boobs. It totally wouldn't have worked if they'd put the Denise Richards character there.

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