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The Invincible M.A.E.

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What, you think I'm going to... FLIP OUT???

Happy birthday, bkm5191!!! *noogies*

NHL Players Protest New Goaltending Penalty

So, Giguere flipped out twice last night at Ryan Smyth, which is not that surprising because he's a bad-tempered guy, but then when Carlyle yelled at him, he yelled back, which makes me think he really might be on his way out of Anaheim. Until I saw that, I thought no way, but now... anyway, I hope the Ducks aren't all like, inspired and stuff after last night cos' we play them 3 times in the next 9 days or so. :P

TSN has video clips of last night's Oilers/Ducks game, and the top 10 goalie fights. Including, of course, the two Roy fights with Wings goalies.

RANDY, to DREW: I like to see you excited.

Drew also talked about how certain guys only look right in certain jerseys, with respect to Teemu in a Ducks jersey, but he also went on to say that Trevor Linden never looked right in an Isles jersey, and looks right as a Canuck. One could argue that nobody looks right in an Isles jersey...

Someone needs to sit Joe Thornton down and give him the Talk. Joe, you're not in Boston anymore. Perhaps you got calls in Boston when guys committed penalties against you, but now you're in San Jose and you can't flip out over non-calls. Things are already a lot better now than they were two seasons ago.

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When I have watched JS play... he hasn't been playing. No more pads, no more skill.

It's crazy how much hatred I have for him still.

Nah, he's pretty much the same, he just doesn't have awesometastic defensive team in front of him anymore.

maybe i'll mention it to him tomorrow. cause, seriously, i'm pretty happy with the penalties they call. but then when i started watching you pretty much had to decapitate one of our guys and shoot his head into the crowd to get a penalty called.

Well, this is the team whose guy received a cross-check to the head while he was sitting on the ice, yet ended up with more penalties at the end of it all. ;)

When my team was visiting the Ducks, my announcers said that Giguere is going through a rough time off from the ice with his mother, so maybe that has something to do with the rage expressed last night.

Ahh, yeah, his mom has Alzheimer's. :\ He's always been bad-tempered, though, just like his idol Roy. :P

bad-tempered goalies = millions of laughs watching the highlights the next day

I like my commentators excited. Unless it's wardorf and statler, then I like them calling players by their dad's names (who retired twenty years ago) and making potentially fire-able comments about female wrestlers. "yes lovely and talents, but expansion teams."

"yes I wouldn't call them the original six." bwhahahaha.

Thank you!!

It really makes a difference. Some announcers are so sleep-inducing.

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