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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Thorty is playing tonight!

Ahh!!! Scott's playing tonight!!! Watching web site clip of him talking. Hey, he doesn't have a pimp chain! Actually, it looks kind of girly. Aww. I want one!

Eep, feel light-headed now. Actually that's just the lack of sleep. I think. Ahh! Did I mention Thorty's playing tonight? Hmm. Must force Chip to watch Sharks vs. Rangers. Might be his only chance to see Big E play. *giggles insanely* Hope Sharks remember how to play hockey again. *whispers to Thorty* Hey, remind them, will you? *whispers other things*

So do not want to go to the gym later. Isn't working out on not enough sleep bad for you? Umm, that's my excuse anyway.

Read Tammy's LOSD again. Ahh, so good ... *rolls around in Arkora love* Whoa. Actually that right there sounds really good on its own. Although I'd probably be crushed. Umm. Okay, going back to bed now.

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Aieeeee! Scotty! He's back and sexalicious in your layout and in your icon and *g* he's got a reaaaal big close up of his nose in that video. I like the necklace. More than Whore's. lol..and I love that..let me roll in Arkora love..it sounds so pretty and smells like roses. *snerk*

Gotta run!

Eee and he was super hot in that Stars/Devils game, and so was the whore. And there was a closeup of everything I think *giggle* I want that necklace!!! It's pretty :) Scott 1, Whore 0 as far as neck accessories go. And I think Arkora love would smell a little bit like Petr, but mostly like Jason *grin*

Hey, who are you anyway, strange anonymous person? :)

Most definitely Scott 1, Whore 0. Whore has that big thick necklace..which only looks skinny b/c his neck is so large. And at the end of it apparently is a Stanley Cup. *sigh* What a whore. And whee! Smells so damn good but made me cry when you said that.

And who am I? I am God! Er, I mean, I am WHORE! lol

That is such the pimp chain. *grin* And umm, Petr and hore smelling each other while doing other things ... *distracted* ... and I'm sorry I made you cry!

Eee!!! You're Whore! Will you visit me and shriek at me? Will you? Will you? :)

I could..but I have to stop by Anaheim first..some strange hore is sniffing my Petr.

Oops, where'd that W go? And umm, isn't Petr in your pocket? :)

Ahh! Did I mention Thorty's playing tonight?

THORTY!! *squeals*

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