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The Invincible M.A.E.

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One word for Broncos fans: IN-COM-PLETE

Rangers ween! I'll simplify grossly and say that Lundqvist won the game for them. :P Got to see Petr with short, dark hair. It looks okay, but I'd rather that he'd shaved. It does make him look younger though, and not quite so shaggy.

To my horror, I discovered today that I must work to have enough money to pay rent. ;)

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Yes! Video will be up soonish. :D

this i gotta see. i always secreyly preferred shorn petr to shaggy ;)

how does one pronouce that? sha-den-freud? sha-den-froy-duh? shaDENfroid?

Sha-den-froi-duh. Like the Avenue Q song!

Also, Mae. What did you think of the Bergeron/Sturm posted? :p

You know, I actually started reading that, but then when I got to "passionate kiss", my brain shut down.

:D I thought it was wonderfully inspiring!

#2, according to some dictionary website. I think #1 sounds better though. :)

i say shay-den-froid-uh which is horribly wrong :p

One word for Broncos fans: IN-COM-PLETE

Ahahahahahaha, you said that before I could!

I just realized that Petr in New York means he's closer to Marty Brody From So Far Away!

Would that then make him Marty Brody From Right Down The Freeway? or From Over The Bridge? or From However You Get to New Jersey From New York Which Really, I Should Know Since I've Been There?

As long as it's not Marty Brody In The Bedroom. :(

The question is, is Marty Brody a "Bridge" guy, or a "Tunnel" guy?

Hee hee heee you said "tunnel" /12

I believe you use the George Washington bridge or the Holland tunnel to go between the two... But I am not sure.

But PJ is a very smart and handsome chinchilla and I'm sure he could figure out a new nickname for Marty Brody!

It is annoying on so many levels that they say that. :P

He is! I wonder if Patty has taken him to a Broadway show yet...

(Deleted comment)
After Patty takes him shopping for new clothes!

One word for Broncos fans: IN-COM-PLETE

It was only a matter of time before Plummer reverted back to the pumpkin that everyone knows he is.

They were happily pointing that out during the game!
I have nothing against the team, though, that in-com-plete thing just irks me. :P

I'll simplify grossly and say GODDAMN. Although it hasn't been a bad month. Still, I was hoping that the "undefeated-with-Patty-back" could last, like, forever.

For some reason, that made me imagine Patty in a superhero costume, with hair flowing behind him. Petr could be his Boy Wonder?

Mmmmm, hockey boys in skintight spandex.

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