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Random thoughts...

  • I want a narcoleptic defenseman to make the NHL so that an announcer can say "the defenseman fell asleep at the blueline" and really mean it!
  • I'm hoping the Steelers beat the Broncos because most Denver sports fans are buttmunches. IN-COM-PLETE! Losers. Sadly, the Steelers might fall victim to the high altitude and pollution.
  • Divealanche is hilarious because it's all fucking true. As most of you by now certainly know, Altitude Sports has fired John Candy from his position as John "Thank you thank you thank you" Kelly's replacement for Denver broadcasts of Avalanche games. According to insiders at the network, the portly play-by-play man infuriated co-host Peter "Right Bookend" McNab when, during a game against the Kings, Candy acknowledged that Pavol Demitra had scored a hat trick.
  • We might sign Owen Nolan. I love him, but this makes me uneasy. This is far from the team he played with before.
  • We signed someone called "Iggulden". That sounds like something straight out of Lord of the Rings. Who's next? Boromir? Aragorn?
  • My roomie's sister went to watch Brokeback Mountain this weekend and it was sold out. I was kind of boggled since it's been out for a while, but then remembered that I live in San Francisco. :P
  • I fell asleep after the second period of the Sharks game, not knowing if we would chump it and lose going into the third up 2-0. *cheers* We didn't!
  • I love the way Vesa Toskala throws his hands out in a "WTF were you doing?" gesture after someone on our team deflects a puck into our own goal.
  • I love the way Nabby stands up after a big save and looks irritated and sheepish at the same time.

I read worrisome things about Nabby. :(

After the victory Monday, Coach Ron Wilson said that Nabokov had ``tweaked his groin the other night'' and that the Sharks wanted to be cautious because of the groin problems Nabokov and Toskala endured earlier this season.

Nabokov, though, offered a somewhat different version.

``You ask them and they will answer to you,'' Nabokov said when asked about his injury status.

Did he pull his groin in Montreal or Ottawa?

``I don't have any comment on that one,'' Nabokov said. ``I don't want to start anything, so just go ask the coaches all that.''

He paused, then said: ``I feel fine.''

Although their accounts might sound contradictory, Wilson said, ``No, no. He's got a sore groin, but he feels fine.''

Adding to the intrigue was en e-mail the Sharks sent out Monday afternoon that alerted the media to Schaefer's recall but mentioned nothing about Nabokov's injury. It only mentioned that the roster move would allow Nabokov to receive a couple of days' rest.

*staples him to the Sharks*

[Edit: And the plot thickens...
Anonymous source #1: It's pretty ugly, but I can't talk about it right now.

Anonymous source #2 (actually, Bob, the lead usher): yeah, he's going to have the flu for the next couple of games (one needs to realize that every injury in the universe is the flu with Bob... grin)

Anonymous source #3: I don't have a clue, but he's down in the weight room lifting right now....

Now, there was a second rumor wandering down around section 127, too -- that the Sharks got stuck in customs for 8 hours leaving Montreal, because a player "got caught with something".
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