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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh, those tragic Russians

Check out this fantastic quote from Nabby after the 6-2 loss to the Canadiens:
``The thing that bothered me was the way we fell apart,'' Nabokov said. ``If it's got to be a fight, it's got to be a fight. It has to be something where we stop the bleeding. We were bleeding, bleeding and we die in the end.''

It's nice to know that he has that Russian flair for the dramatic!

For April Fool's Day, the Czech Rangers should just go ahead and wear their national jerseys and see how long it takes people to notice. They got the red, white and blue color scheme going on too.

A question to the writers on my friends list who are concerned about getting in trouble because of their hockey slash fics (specifically hockey slash, not any other fandom)... would you feel comfortable if the fics were hosted anonymously? I.e. the site wouldn't have your email address on it, and obviously not your name or anything, it would just be writer_x or whatever. This includes people who have fics in friends-locked posts. If that would still give you cause for concern, what would make you feel okay with it?

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Hey there...
I know for myself, I am not afraid at all. I am moving my stuff to a place where I have control over who has access to it so that certain "others" won't. lol I've had a friend talk to a lawyer who has dealt with internet law, and I have no worries.
It really bothers me that all of a suddent there is this huge hysteria out there. I mean... how about MBP and MBH here on LJ...

If you're not worried, then why do you want to restrict people from seeing it?

Because of certain people. Not of the players...just regular people. Because we are tired of dealing with them. That's all.

What's your strategy for handling that?

email me at mosgirl9 @ yahoo . com :D

what did the lawyer say, regarding internet law?

Hee. Mel Gibson could script a movie based on that comment, Nabby!

Personally, I'd be cool with that. Would there be some kind of communal, nondescript email address so people could feedback if they wanted to?

It makes me think he's just been watching gory war movies or something.

Hmm... that's an idea, maybe a page of comments/fb associated with each fic?

Yeah, that could work. Just, you know, some way that readers could still express their thoughts without it endangering anybody's identity or anything.

I just dont have my real name on or around anywhere near my site even though I guess the hosts of my siteknow it and stuff I'm not worried unless there is somehing to be worried about lately lol.

Give him a viking hat, and we've got pure Wagner going on :D

I read this book, "They Don't Play Hockey in Heaven" by Ken Baker and in it he mentioned he had a chance to meet Naby before a game. He asked Naby for some advice and Naby said, "Stop da puck."

*sigh* I'm sure he sounded like an asshole saying it, too! :P

i'm not that concerned about being found out, but i'd be for that.

I think I'd be down with that idea, although I'm not worried about anything with what I have been doing.

I got the games today, thank you!

And best of all Nabby has that adorable accent in which to speak those somber words!

I can imagine him sounding all pissy as he said it, too! Hmm, I should upload the Thanksgiving segment of Shark Byte...

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