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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Oh, teh pr0n!

Next time we should get the option to decline penalties. :P

On the upside, tattoos on Shark Byte! Jesus, most porntastic episode ever. Like, I think they actually got a gay porn director to come in and shoot this stuff. "Yeah, just flex your bicep, look into the camera, that's good, that's good."

Other videos here.

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ahhhhh i've never seen any of those! (your "making love" icon makes a lot more sense now, lol). alyn looks really hot at the end of that one video.

hah, i forgot i was logged in under this name. i was spazzing over not having any icons. -_-

Dude, Alyn has been like, really hot this season! It weirds me out. :P

Salei = slasher.


I watched a bunch of them. The car one was funny, and the jumping on Petr Sykora one KILLED ME! I laughed so hard! I loved the captions for the people: "Observer", "Shocked", "Still Shocked"... *giggles madly* You totally made my day, thanks! :D

That was like, the best Ducks segment ever!!! Ahh, and Salei the slasher.

Thank you for giving me a new appreciation for Scott Thornton. *nod*

(Deleted comment)
I love his story. He was young and dumb, basically, LOL!

(Deleted comment)
Haha, his mommy won't let him get another tattoo!!!

Mmmmm....Jonathan and Scotty? *licks them up and down* Thank you Miss Mae. :9

I think Shark Byte is like, slowly trying to ease viewers into full-blown porn or something.

I missed the game but I caught the tattoo segment. Oh, that was great. I too enjoyed Cheech's story, LOL.

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