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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey pr0n is meant to be shared with the world

Canucks people! I have the Brendan Morrison interview uploaded. Thanks very much, fetisha, for the link! :D

Now I can put all my other hockey pr0n up there too!!! *spazzes* Like Czech Sexonice! Haha, that's for you, Dev! *grin* Uhh, that one isn't working yet. Wait a while.

♥ Sharks ♥ Petr

kpavuk, need your mailing address. :)

[Edit: Never upload a video with "sex" in the filename. In the meantime, enjoy Andy McDonald expressing his love for Petr Sykora.]

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Oh my jesus fucking christ. THANK YOU! I so needed that.

I want to squeeze Salei. He cracks me the fuck up.

Did you see the one with Petr being drafted? :) Also, it's awesome that Salei said what all of us are thinking hahahaha!

yeah I saw that one awhile back when you posted it!

Andy and Petr love!!!

ANd MO!!! *loves*

I love Prospal somuch. Salei continues to crack me up. "Making the love" indeed. And McDonald is totally feeling the beginnings of his Sykora love. Poor guy.

Wah, reply errored. :( Too depressed to type out again. But, looking forward to Prospal at the Olympics, Salei = slasher, and Petr and Andy were totally falling in love. *sigh*



*giggle* You didn't get the chance to watch that before?

Alas, no, for I have no tv. BLESS YOU!

LOL. Mo has size issues ;p

The best part of that interview was the fish question at the end. :)

kpavuk, need your mailing address. :)

Sent to your livejournal.com addy, should be forwarded to the right place. :)

Thanks again!

Got it! I'll mail it out either tomorrow or Monday. :)

(Deleted comment)
I'm just glad I have a place to put all of these videos now! *hops*

"What's the face for?" indeed!

My favourite part is when he claps his hands above his head. "Yay, me!"

I think I wandered over here from Frala's LJ...but of course I've read your fics since forever ago on H-D. Your videos are fabulous. Brendan looks just like his mom, how adorable are they?!

Would you mind if I friended you?


Hello, I remember you! :)

OMG they were all so adorable, especially his grandma! "Mr. Crawford"!

Hehe, not at all!

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