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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Out of context...

lastcatastrophe: dude. there seem to be lots of teenage girls with leacherous souls!
harleymae: The virgins are lecherous!

So that's what we talk about. :P

Saddened by some of my favourite writers taking down their sites, I got to thinking about how it would be nice if there was a hockey fic site that hosted anonymous fics, so that everyone can still enjoy the fics, but at the same time, not put the writers in any risk of being "outed".

Oops, I just realised that that sentence makes it sound as if I'm going to do something like that, but really, I just mean I'm going to be thinking about how it would work. :P

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That would never work. Because when some praise came through for one story or another, the author wouldn't be able to refrain from saying OMGTHAT'SME!!!!!!1

In related news, my site is still up but (eventually) I'm going to be redoing it a bit. But the fics will still be there :)

Well, my assumption here is that the authors aren't losers. :P


who took down their sites?

i'd offer to do it but i'm lazy and i suck.

Joolzie and Lira have taken their sites down.

Hosting is easy. How it would all work is the part that requires mulling.


i hope someone does it. that would be a pretty neat idea to keep their work online but not have them putting their livelyhoods (sp:P) at risk.


Did her mom find it?

Worried that work people will find it. :\

See, she should have built a site just like mine with her name and a bio with all the things you'd need to figure out who she was.


So how do you kill Mike Modano?

Dude, so I reread over the break and there may be something to what I wrote besides just random factoids that I know about both boys! But I kinda have no desire to write. But the idea of what I could have written intrigues me enough to be fine with my utter uselessness.

How goes the writing in SF?

*sniffles* But I want to read more!

I seem to have forgotten how to write anything. :P

I would like to read more too. But that would require writing. And I'm too lazy. Do you want to read my notes?

We're growing so old Mae. Pretty soon we'll need special glasses to see the slash on the tube.

Well, you know, notes would be better than nothing. :)

Ugh, I know. Except that you're actually still young, and I'm actually old. *weeps*

So are you suggesting a site where the authors have secret!email addys for people to send their praise to?

That could be done, although those authors could just as easily set up secret addresses for themselves. My main concern is just having the fics available for everyone to read, but at the same time, not jeopardize the privacy of the writers...

So..... a place like.... FANFIC.NET? Hee.

Fucking FFN! Damn their takedown of RPS!

See, that's one of the good things, sadly, about my hockey muses evidently moving out. No chance of anyone finding my hockey fic. :p

Now, RednecksDrivingInCircles fic? That you may find. XD

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