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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Hockey Day In Canada!

I loooooooove Hockey Day In Canada. I love to see people get all glowy about hockey, haha. Also, frala from that town! Hee!

I loved people's families coming out for the ceremonial puck drops. Ribeiro's kid took a dive walking out there, bwahahaha! And why did Ryan Smyth shake his dad's hand? Oh Mo. *sigh* Cutest family ever and he so has his mom's eyebrows and features and temperament and everything. Seeing him on After Hours, of course the first thing I looked at on his mom were her eyebrows!

WTF so many good games today??? How am I supposed to watch them all?

Oh man, I'm bursting with pride for Thorty!!! I am so in love with that surprised look he has on his face after scoring a goal. Also, nhl.com got it wrong and gave Joe Thornton the third star for tonight instead of Thorty. Hmph.

The Sharks are a lot scarier than their current ranking, eh?

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Hockey Day in Canada makes me cry every goddamned year. ::cries:: So lovely. And eee, baby Mike Ribeiro! Baby Phillys! The Mo squad! SOCUTE. ::hugs them all:: If only the Sens hadn't been a big fat bunch of losers right in the middle of the day, it would have been perfect.

Ahh, weepiness! I liked the theme for this year, with the parents and stuff. Especially because of Mo's mom and grandma!!!

Haha, I hope the Sens win the next game so they won't kill us when we show up in town on Thursday.

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