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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thorty 2

Hockey Day In Canada!

I loooooooove Hockey Day In Canada. I love to see people get all glowy about hockey, haha. Also, frala from that town! Hee!

I loved people's families coming out for the ceremonial puck drops. Ribeiro's kid took a dive walking out there, bwahahaha! And why did Ryan Smyth shake his dad's hand? Oh Mo. *sigh* Cutest family ever and he so has his mom's eyebrows and features and temperament and everything. Seeing him on After Hours, of course the first thing I looked at on his mom were her eyebrows!

WTF so many good games today??? How am I supposed to watch them all?

Oh man, I'm bursting with pride for Thorty!!! I am so in love with that surprised look he has on his face after scoring a goal. Also, nhl.com got it wrong and gave Joe Thornton the third star for tonight instead of Thorty. Hmph.

The Sharks are a lot scarier than their current ranking, eh?

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the ap got it wrong in a picture do. fuckin ap.

you know, i was afraid after he had that terrific season he would cease to be surprised at scoring goals, but it never fails. and that makes me happy. :)


<_< *licks thorty all over*

dude. this thing totally killed the end of my message. wtf.

Alyn McCauley, of Sweden!

He's like, "OMG, that went in!!!" *sigh* First star. So proud.

eyebrows! My mom and I noticed that too in After Hours :p!!

I wonder what Mo would think about the legions of people obsessed with his eyebrows...

I tell ya, Mo had a 2-4-1 coupon at the salon...

He is so much like his mommy!!! And his grandma is so cute, silently screaming at the television. *giggle*

haha I loved how Smytty shoke his dads hand! It was a "hey, how's it going?" handshake like he didnt even know him!

Dude, that killed me. Who shakes hands with their dad??? LOL!

Darcy Tucker gave his dad a little punch in the gut. That was more sonly I think. :P

Also, nhl.com got it wrong and gave Joe Thornton the third star for tonight instead of Thorty.

*cracks up* I noticed that too last night! It was the first thing I checked today to see if they'd fixed it, and they had.

There was a pic on Yahoo Sports the other day of Neil and Fisher and the caption said Neil and Alfie, even though Alfie's out with his rib injury! And another pic that calls Eaves, Phillips, even though you can read almost the whole name on the back of the jersey, and in the world I'm from, at least, Phillips doesn't start with "EAVE"... I think they need to hire us to correct their errors. *nods*

Haha, they probably just saw the "1" for Fisher. They look at numbers, not faces. It would be hilarious if one day they mistook Comrie for chara or something.

Hockey Day in Canada makes me cry every goddamned year. ::cries:: So lovely. And eee, baby Mike Ribeiro! Baby Phillys! The Mo squad! SOCUTE. ::hugs them all:: If only the Sens hadn't been a big fat bunch of losers right in the middle of the day, it would have been perfect.

Ahh, weepiness! I liked the theme for this year, with the parents and stuff. Especially because of Mo's mom and grandma!!!

Haha, I hope the Sens win the next game so they won't kill us when we show up in town on Thursday.

Hockey Day in Canada is one of the short-list of reasons I would love to have Center Ice.

However, it prompted a thought: what's going to happen to it in the season when the Northwest Division has to skip playing the Northeast?

So much OT love!

Center Ice is fantastic! And dangerous...

Hopefully by that time they'll realise the error of their ways and abolish this schedule! :D


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