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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Cheechoo Turns a Trick!

So reads the headline on sfgate.com again. Cheech is a regular hustler!

From the AP recap of the game:
Jonathan Cheechoo first spent time with Joe Thornton a few years ago, water-skiing behind the star center's boat in Canada.

And then there's no explanation! Why were they water-skiing together? How did they even know each other then? This is genuine bewilderment. I am not entertaining other scenarios. *shudder*

But wow, two hat tricks within a month??? I'm in awe of Cheech. The only thing that could have made it better is if he'd fallen down celebrating!

There are trade rumours about Alyn. This makes me sad. :(

There was a very upsetting moment during the Rangers game yesterday(?) when Jaromir Jagr was sitting on the bench talking to Straka and he kind of rested his bare hand on his crotch and like... squeezed. *shudder* And then he left his hand there and squeezed again! Like, when Petr touches himself, at least he just gives the one heft and is done with it and he doesn't... linger or squish or anything. Very upsetting. :(

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I LOVE that you imed me when that happened so I could sniff the sour milk too!!! :P

Trauma is meant to be shared!

Mae, um.

They're not *really* waterskiiing. That's a metaphor. The author just thought he was being cute with the whole spray and Joe's big ass.

A metaphor for... life? The universe? Everything?

maybe it's a czech custom to squeeze their balls before going onto the ice?

I... will watch Czech players even more carefully than I already do from now on.

it's very odd and oh my god I love that iconnnnnnn...


I'll re-encode it as wmv or something when I get home and put it online.

I wonder if there's any way I could squeeze in the head butting at the end to the icon. :P

Stupid wmv encoder didn't work.

This codec is supposed to be a good one and includes a lot of codecs, XviD, DivX, etc. http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow

I keep forgetting to tell you. Alyn and Cheech were snuggling on the bench together during a game. :)

Think it's the Real Alyn yet?

if they trade alyn i'm quitting. :( :( :(

Rumour is to Calgary of all places. But seriously. I will cry if he gets traded. We've already lost one loved player. We've reached our quota for this season right?

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