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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Your favourite TV shows

Help me out, folks!

I'm trying to make a list of good TV shows (that are available on DVD) to watch at some point (i.e. the summer when there's no hockey on). Gimme your favourites! Thanks! :D

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American Gothic. ...Is the only one coming to me at the moment. Though I'm sure there are more out there. :thinks on it some:

I have a ton of TV shows on DVD here, but if I were to recommend one it would be Soap. It's a late-70s soap opera parody show, and it's wicked funny. Sex, murder, mafia, alien abductions, insanity, and the first major gay character on network TV.

It sounds like fic! A 70s Nip/Tuck? Hee!

MacGyver, the X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Alias, Lois and Clark...

Of course, I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for, so I listed a whole bunch of my favourites. *wry* I only have a few seasons of MacGyver and the X-Files on DVD, but plan on getting the rest when I can finally afford it.

As for 'no hockey', that's why I'm recording some games to video tape... so that if I have a craving, I can always pop a tape in. ALthough I already have a tape of 'highlights' thus far. *wry* Whether it be the announcers or the players,that is. =D


Ooh, Lois and Clark! I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks for replying. :)

I've been collecting clips of Petr adjusting his crotch. There are a lot of them already.

No problem. =D I was doing the "What would I want to watch if I had them" sort of listing.

*snicker* THAT many already of Petr adjusting his crotch? Maybe he should hire Sergei Fedorov to look after it since he seems to like looking after groins and such. ;)

Just FYI: I was watching the Bruins/TB game last night (gotta love Centre Ice), and I swear, Sturm and Stuart and Primeau look so wrong in Bruins jerseys...


I have photographic evidence dating back to his early Devils days that crotch adjusting has always been a big thing with him!

The funny thing is, I adjusted really fast to seeing the boys as Bruins. I felt a bit weird when I saw Marco hugging Patrice Bergeron at the end of the game, but I think mostly I'm happy they're getting the opportunity to play well. *sigh*

Sports Night definitely. On the DVDs they lose the laugh tracks two or three eps in (in the series run, they kept them the whole first season), which makes all the difference. Then, the X-Files (you're permitted to quit after six or so seasons and then just watch the finale ;); Alias, which is cheesy, unrealistic, and completely engrossing; Buffy of course; . . . Gilmore Girls? I'm out now. :)

Ahh, I loooooove those shows. Never watched Sports Night though, so I that will probably be the first thing I watch. Thanks. :)

[belatedly] I think you'd love Sports Night! You really, really have to forgive the initial laugh tracks (and the first couple of shows, probably), because they're so out of place. But everything picks up and it's just . . . sigh. It made me so happy.

Ahh, I love ze Wild West. Thanks!


Ha. Hmm. Shows that you don't watch and should? I like Spooks. But I've got four seasons ripped from the internet that I can just slam your way for you to try. Because it'd be dumb for you to spend 100 bucks on like 6 episodes or something. It's not crazy amazing, but it's quite thrilling and they talk in British accents. Well, because they're British.

I'll add that to the list. I'm probably going to either get Netflix or download them.

I suggest...Queer as folk. And Carnivale. Umm...Dead Like Me? Roswell. And...yeah. (:

Ahh, Roswell!!! That was so good... for the first season. ;)

Thanks for the suggestions!

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