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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Please let there be more

I read in TV Guide that ABC and Showtime are interested in picking up Arrested Development. Steve Holt!

frala, I have that video *wink* *nudge* up for you, so remind me to give you the URL. It's a 4 minute clip of Darcy Tucker, Bryan McCabe, Jason Allison and Jeff O' Neill talking about their WJC experience and they're in cowboy hats (red and black) and talk about being loose in the locker room and things like that. If anyone else wants to see, leave a comment.

greatkate, do you want the Isles/Sens game?

I watched a fantastically bad Sci-Fi original movie (aren't they all fantastically bad?) today called Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God. The badness starts with the title. :P

There's this scene near the beginning that sets the mood; a villager with an Eastern European accent (even though everyone else in the kingdom has an English accent) bursts into the chambers of the heroic... tax advisor (yes, really) and claims that he needs help with a great evil! The tax advisor, being well-equipped to deal with great evil asks for details. The villager answers that two men went into a cave and haven't come back. :O

Knowing the score, I'm afraid to watch last night's Sharks game.

I've been learning how to use the GIMP these past few days. Now, if I had any artistic talent at all, I could do something with it!

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We get it! Woot TSN. Although, the Sens have completely raped New York every time they've played this year, so we'll see. They seem to do okay when I'm watching!

(I can't believe I'm cheering for the Islanders over the Sens. I'm sick in the head.)

Basically, the only way the Islanders can win is if the entire Sens team becomes incapacitated somehow. Possibly a really bad flu outbreak. Maybe an all night drinking binge. Injuries taking out half the team, etc etc.

YAY!!! *grins* thank you

WAAHH! Tucker and McCabe video? I wanna see! =)

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