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Stop punching people in the back of the head

Okay, so, I have yet to come up with any explanation for why Jovo was straddling Bert in that picture. (frala, can I link?) Chip said that Jovo looked "bridal". :P

I was watching Blues/Ducks last night and at one point in the game, Barrett Jackman was following Tyler Wright around, tugging on his jersey, challenging him verbally, and kept on hounding him even though Wright tried to shrug him off, finally turning his back to him, at which point Jackman punched him in the back of the head, and then kept trying to hit him when he went down to the ground, turtling.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Jackman got a triple minor for roughing, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the end of it. But WTF? You don't hit someone from behind, and you don't hit them when they're down. Bah.

In better news from that game, it's become oh so clear that Andy McDonald is in fact Petr's new boyfriend. No more Czechs on the team, so I guess he's up to braving the Canadians again. He's opened his heart just in time to have it broken before he's traded! But if he's going to the Czech Republic New York Rangers, he'll be having big Czech orgies (with honey) every night, so I guess he won't be missing Andy too much.

But they're both so cute and little and Andy is so baby-faced and they would... actually, I have no idea what they would do because I don't know anything about Andy except that he's pretty soft-spoken and he was concussed for a long time. Maybe they'd play golf.

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