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Sykora's cannon

Another, umm, questionable headline: Thornton's rose gets other Sharks blooming

The hockey thing I love most about Petr is his shot. Without it, I probably wouldn't be all that interested in him despite all his... quirks. *coughs*

So I was super excited when Drew started raving about his "rocket of a shot"! (This was just before he scored, though, boo.) After, Randy joins in with "Well Petr Sykora's shown us his cannon tonight..." and Drew with "Sykora with the perfect mechanics of the body, and you see that stick just flex..."

I couldn't agree more!

Is it just me, or does Joffrey Lupul look startlingly like a quarterback? Perhaps it's the football helmet. Or the football in his hand. Hmm...

[Edit: Randy, to Drew: I can watch you abuse yourself only for so long.]

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