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Cheech's first hat trick! Petr adjusts his crotch 7 times (at least)!

OMG this is going to be so incoherent but I have to like, record all of this because tomorrow I will remember nothing.

So Lira and I went down to the glass to stalk watch the Ducks, because everyone should see Petr Sykora close up at some point in their lives and then Keith Carney tried to kill us. First, he like, shot a puck at us, and then he smacked his stick really hard on the glass in front of us!

Then Petr came out of the tunnel and OMG he had no helmet and his hair was in glorious blonde raging Sonic the Hedgehog mode! And every time he skated past us we'd stop talking because... well... *whimper* Todd Fedoruk stopped by us and I thought of Flan and Maria. :)

Petr totally has a thing going with Andy McDonald. Lira can confirm this! They were like, skating around grinning at each other. And I pointed it out really loudly while they were nearby, then I was like, uhh, wait, they can't hear us over the glass or anything, can they? *embarrassed face*

Anyway, the warmup was over, lights were off, guys were skating off the ice, and as the last player stepped off, Petr stayed on and even turned around to take another shot. Then someone called him as he was walking down the tunnel and asked him to sign a jersey, and he did! That was kinda' sweet of him.

I thought that he was over his thing where he is really annoying and scores lots of goals against us but apparently he isn't. And I'm probably partially to blame for his goal, because Lira was commenting, "Hey he's played a lot of minutes this game" and I responded, "Yeah, they're trying to increase his trade value" and he immediately scored a goal! Boo. Bad Petr!

Most importantly, Lira and I decided that we personally track a statistic that's been shamefully overlooked by the NHL and that is the number of times Petr Sykora adjusts his crotch in a game. Sadly, our seats were on the same side as the players' benches, so we didn't have as good a opportunity to check, and I lamented to Lira, and the guy sitting next to me was like, oh, why did you want to sit on the other side? and I just kind of declined to comment. :P

So we could only check during stoppages in play, and even then, the count was 7 including one time when he was just skating in circles around the ice! And only counting the full, complete crotch grab, including taking the glove off, and getting a good jiggle down there.

Then we were imagining him doing it while on a shift with one hand on his stick and one hand on his... stick! Bwahahaha! Okay, you had to be there.

OMG Cheech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was just... phenomenal, and OMG his first hat trick!!!! I felt like crying! I may actually have been crying a little! Gah! Lira and I were hugging each other to death, hahahaha! It's like, it's just so special to be there for it. We were there for his first penalty shot too, against the Blue Jackets. So we've been at both! Oh man, but the third goal especially, the way he forced his way to the net.

And all those point blank Nabby saves! I'm sure they'll look much more spectacular when I watch them on TV, cos' I'll get to see the better angle and stuff. With all the penalties we were taking, I kept getting heart attacks, hahaha.

Parker! Nice job scoring on the first shift back, man. It cracked me up at the end of the game when the "beat 'em up" line (Scott Thornton, Parker, Smith) were out on the ice, along with Davison, who also fights. I don't know if Josh Gorges does or not, since he was just called up (and he played really well, I thought! Did a good job eliminating guys with positioning and stickwork and eliminating passes on 2 on 1s) but it was like, all our fighters on the ice at the same time! Playing against Selanne, McDonald and Sykora though, so uhh, yeah, no fights are going to happen there. :P

Joe Thornton seemed to be having an off night (for him). He wasn't being as good with the puck as I've seen him in the games since he's been traded, but I don't know whether that was him, or the Ducks being good against him. I am kind of... uneasy about how quickly Joe's been embraced. He's on the cover of the program and he's on the insert. He's a supastah, but... well, I'm not uncomfortable with him getting the attention I suppose.

I like how the Tank became so silent after the hat trick. We were worn out from all the continuous cheering! Penalty shot! *CHEER* Scores! *CHEER* Breakaway! *CHEER* Goal! Hat trick! *CHEER* *CHEER* *CHEER* Faceoff *hoarse* The fans get tired out too. :)

Phew! So tired now. Walked home in the rain from the BART station, so glad I decided to bring my raincoat with me today. Kind of spazzed at this cute guy on BART who'd also been at the game. He was quite knowledgeable about the Sharks, and the league in general, and I fed him chocolate.

Sleep soonish.

[Edit: The SFGate caption/headline person does it again: Cheechoo turns trick]

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